Gary Brackett will auction his Super Bowl ring after filing for bankruptcy


FOrmer Indianapolis Colts midfielder Gary Brackett put it up for auction Super Cup XLI ring as well as his AFC Championship rings after filing for bankruptcy.

41-year-old player who played for Colts from 2003 to 2011 he owned a chain of restaurants called Stacked pickles, which had restaurants in different cities in the United States.

Anyway, Brackett was forced to close his Stacked pickles restaurants in 2020 as the loss of income from the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated its existing financial troubles.

Bankruptcy petition is assessed Bracketthis assets are estimated at $ 2 million, and his debts have reached nearly $ 5.8 million.

Brackett was part of ColtsSuper Bowl– winning team on February 4, 2007 after they beat Chicago Bears 29-17.

His Super Bowl ring and his AFC Championship the rings will be auctioned in Indianapolis on February 5, as well as online auctions.

Brackett played with Colts and retired at the age of 31, having played 116 games in his career.

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