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Zaragoza, October 12 (EFE).- The right-hander from Extremadura José Garrido was the discreet winner of the bullfight on the big day of the Fiestas del Pilar de Zaragoza, cutting only the ears of a complete batch of bulls from the local Los Maños ranch that put more resounding success on a platter.

With many supporters of line breeding, who have always favored the game of Aragonese santacolomes, regardless of their condition, Goya’s bullfight scheduled for the day of the Virgen del Pilar was sometimes experienced almost as a contest bullfight.

If this had been the case, the price of the most complete bull would have been taken off the street on the third of the afternoon, a 462-kilogram and barely armed specimen, which wasted its bravery especially in the last third, repeating and moving his attacks with dedication and depth.

That’s not to say he was an easy animal, something a truly brave bull will never be, but that he demanded a mighty crutch in front of him that would take him overpowered and embarked on the long line that marked his greed, something that José has not always managed to achieve.

The man from Extremadura tied a few muletazos taking advantage of the initial inertia, but since then, when the bull asked to be hooked to the flights of deception, the task entered a long phase of ups and downs, with brilliant moments -those in which he brought it and finished it with the flights by the left python-, but with others in which he was seen below the state of the bull due to the lack of a real commitment to command bullfighting.

The ear he cut was therefore less applauded than the well-deserved return to the ring of this bull which, with the sixth, made up a disparate but very complete lot, while the latter had a soft and clear nobility, favorable to Garrido He would have completed his performance with more force.

But the bullfighter of Badajoz remained halfway, always passing with little adjustment and little temperament undemanding attacks, while, measured by race but full of nobility, that of Los Maños attacked with class and opened in the embroques, without his matador putting enough meat on the grill to curdle it and taste it as it deserved.

Yet one celebratory afternoon they asked and gave him another ear who, too, had little taste in the face of what must have been the indisputable triumph the lot was putting on a platter.

The highest quality bullfighting of the afternoon came from the hand of David Galván from Cadiz with the first, a soft and lower class bull who knew how to manage times, heights and rhythm with great success , which made it easier for him to pass. through the belt, and with good taste in the composition, especially on the left side, before the presidency refused him a trophy that no one had protested.

He could not do the same with the fourth, who showed genius and a short distance and who was one of the three bulls with the worst game in bullfighting, since the other two fell in Juan Leal’s lot.

The French bullfighter had to carefully handle a second that kept sizing him up and turned violent when submissive, and saw how local cattle fans took for good a not-so-clear fifth that didn’t s never returned, with which Leal was used in a long fret, still well above the bull, despite the whistles of the impatient.

FESTIVAL SHEET.- Six bulls from Los Maños, of beautiful presence and in the type of their mating, which gave a disparate game: with several of small breed there were also mated and courageous, highlighting in particular the lot of José Garrido, whose third, “Jardinero” of his name, number 11, black bragado and weighing 462 kilos, won the return to the ring in drag.

David Galván, cinnamon and jet: detached and stretched deep cleft (returned to the ring after asking for an ear); low slit (silence).

Juan Leal, royal blue and jet: detached slit (silence); rear low lunge (a few whistles).

José Garrido, in white and jet: very rear slit (ear); detached back slit (ear).

Among the crews, Fernando del Toro’s struggle with the third stood out, when he also hailed Juan Luis Moreno in banderillas, just as Marco Leal did in the second.

Goyesque corrida and sixth subscription party of the Pilar Fair, with just under two-thirds of entries – some 6,500 spectators.

Paco Aguado


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