Gareth Bale finally starts… and LAFC loses by a wide margin


Heyn his first starter since his arrival in ml, Gareth Bale put on dark glasses with Candle Carlos as well as LAFC lost 4:1 at home Austin FCin an early playoff game between the top two spots in the Western Conference.

The hosts came out to eat the opponent, and started by biting the opponent all over the field, then they pressed and at the beginning of the second half they found themselves with two goals in three minutes, Maximiliano Urruti, with a serious error in defense, and the Italian national team player, Giorgio Chielliniwaiting on the field.

It was the second loss in a row for the Black & Gold team after a streak of five wins in a row when they looked unstoppable. Now the team from Los Angeles is a different team perhaps due to self-confidence or fatigue from a physically exhausting tournament.

Although LAFC has already qualified for the playoffs with 57 pointsthey cut their lead to nine points over Austin, who would start the day with 51 points.

Angelino’s Mistakes Concert

After starting with little action in the first half, Austin opened the scoring in the 33rd minute with a superb Diego Fagundes goal from a set-piece after LAFC lost the ball in midfield and Eddie Segura interrupted the game with a heavy foul.

That’s how they went to the break, and at the beginning of the second half, the team from Los Angeles was out of sorts, making terrible mistakes in their defense. First, in the 48th minute, through Maximiliano Urruti from the standard, the Argentine defender found the ball on the right flank and struck a header into the far post, which was received by the goalkeeper. Maxim Krepeu out of the game.

Three minutes later, Urruti was back in the spotlight, again with the ball lost by Angelino’s defense. The defender found the filtered ball and scored in front of Krepaupa, giving a 3-0 lead.

However, they had no chance to react as they lost 4-0 in the 59th minute. Another terrible mistake in midfield, Austin set up a counterattack, Jess Murillo ended up on the pitch, allegedly with terrible lower back pain due to his feint, and Sebastin Driussi scored 4-0.

At this point, the coach Steve Cherundolo reacted by sending off Bale, who barely touched the ball, and Murillo, who gave himself away in the last two goals until Chiellini entered the field. The changes worked immediately, as the team stood on the pitch better and achieved a change of pace that the Welshman couldn’t find.

Kvadvo Opoku entered the field, immediately spilled over the left flank and the ball, thrown back by the back line, allowed the appearance Christian Arangowho made a discount for 61 minutes for guests.

In the final stretch of the match, Arango was second for his team when he found a filtered pass that left him face to face with the goalkeeper. However, his shot hit the post and went wide. The Colombian claimed to have pulled his arm with his marker and although the replay showed a possible foul, the VAR system did not intervene.

As a result, LAFC remains the best team in MLS with 57 points, to 51 for Austin, which is second in the Western Conference. Meanwhile, in the East, the Philadelphia Union remains the best with 51 units.


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