G-Men at Rowland’s Corner: “We Do What We Want”


“There are notes that are carefully prepared and others that attack you without prior notice,” he introduces. Men G his new job on Twitter. Disk -they say- what has been done in pajamas and during imprisonment. Party in your own way at home David Summers (voice and bass). The path to salvation from a pandemic. Direct jump to ‘Rowland’s Corner’, the bar of his first impressions and his first dreams.

After 40 yearsFriendship and hope continue to unite David, Rafa, Dani and Xavi. Their minds are busy thousand projects, and all togetheras they revealed during an interview provided by Digital freedom… In fact, this time they decided to perform the album themselves. “alone“The isolation situation after the coronavirus showed them that it was.”The best way make a record, “he says. Rafa Gutierrez (guitar).

Main character: love

“One must always believe in love, even to the point of death. This is the most important thing in life. This means that it really is. main argument the best songs and – if you hurry up – the best art in history, ”Summers says. For this reason, he continues to be the protagonist of all his works, including the last one.

It is obvious to David that we have to talk about love, especially at the moment when we are. “Need to show love, show good feelings, good mood, good feeling people and make people go out for a while, even if the song is four minutes long, the sad reality in which we live. “

Family G

“We have known each other since childhood. Before we had a group, we were already friends, and music was our link in the Union, ”he recalls. Daniel Mosque (guitar and keyboards). Then they dreamed that it would become their way of life. And so it was.

In his case, he explains, “the success has further strengthened the friendship, and this is what made us spend 40 years together, traveling half the world.” “Now you look back and best moments I spent my life with these three guysDani exclaims with a laugh.

As with almost any family, everyone has a role to play. It seems that the grumpy fits Javier Molina (battery) as he admits. And the “main thing” is that each one “blends well” with its individuality.

We all have Rowland

If there’s anything they agree on – without hesitation – it’s in their help panel: Rowland… “It was the first bar in our life where we had our first experience. Our first adventures, love affairs, drunkenness … Everyone has a Rowland, – Xavi sentenced. “the place where your first dreams began“.

Hence, after the pandemic, they decided back to basics… In the video clip for the song “Rowland’s Corner”we can see you there, play again… “He continues to be there, unchanged, with the same photographs and the same pictures … As always,” he exclaims with the air of a child. It was so important to them that they decided to take the title of the album.

Neither covid nor pandemic

In this work, the main thing is the message. Hence, they chose as their first solo promotion ‘My heart is popping out’, the song they recorded with the Mexican Carlos Rivera placeholder image… A festive theme with reggae elements that conveys the idea that after a storm there is always a calm and the sun rises again.

As David explains, he didn’t want to “let the pandemic tarnish this record“. For this reason, it is mentioned” more than once. “Mainly because he does not want to” listen to this album in 10 years and remember this brown covid. “inevitably there were songs that pass bythat touch on the subject a little because of the need to tell how you feel. “

An example of this is precisely this collaboration. “He does not talk about it, but he does talk about it tomorrow, I will see you again, that we are looking forward to finish this and hug each other …”. In the same spirit we have “The best is yet to come”, “Here”, “Turn the page”… But, Summers insists, “without naming covid, not naming a pandemic, no disease name, no virus name or something like that. “

Your own gender

This new work is a musical journey through different rhythms, but always with its own label. According to David, they work “with the freedom” offered by “having no other sex than personality Hombres G“which they print in all their songs.” We like all kinds of music … We like American, we like Eagles, we like reggae … We like good music and we do what we want“, Add.

“We don’t give a damn what is fashionable or what sounds now, trends that have existed at all times.” They are true to themselves and can afford it. Summers explains it this way: “We want to write our songs and we expect our audience to appreciate itforgetting a little about what others are doing and always go our own way. “

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