Futuristic “Charging Bull” installed in Miami – Le Courrier des Amériques


A very “high tech” and in any case futuristic copy of Charging Bull on Wall Street (New York) was first installed in front of the Miami Beach Convention Center for Bitcoin 2022 before being moved to the Miami-Dade campus. College, downtown Miami. For the Mayor of Francis Suarez, ” The statue represents the place of Miami as an increasingly important place of finance and technology Copying New York symbols may not necessarily be a great proof of originality, especially since if a bull is the same size as its cousin … it has lost some of its anatomy. Its most popular attribute has not really been reproduced Manhattan).

If it is less a symbol of masculinity, we bet that even tourists who visit the magical city will appreciate it!

The artist who designed it, Furio Tedeschi, is known for working on “Transformers” films. Shows !


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