Future French aircraft carriers will be equipped with electromagnetic catapults! – Zimo News


An invention of the US Army, the new French aircraft carrier, scheduled to launch in 2038, will be able to take advantage of this new technology at a premium!

Made by the US Army, this launch pad can propel a 45-ton machine at a speed of over 240 km/h at a distance of less than 91 meters. It looks like a train track using electromagnetic induction lunar motors. This creates multiple magnetic fields that propel the plane.

aircraft carrier 1

As a result, the Pentagon authorized the retrofitting of their electromagnetic catapults on August 19. A $9 billion contract has already been signed for the system retrofit of a future French carrier, in addition to the purchase of two catapults and a braking device, at a total cost of $1.321 billion.

aircraft carrier de Gaulle Catapults that work with steam are already equipped, the latter being recovered via the ship’s reactor. The system is expensive to maintain and difficult to adjust to push smaller objects.new system e-mail (Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System, Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System in French) Requires fewer parts, is therefore less expensive to maintain, and also allows the launch of smaller objects, such as drones.


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