“Fuseau” pants: how to combine them with style


this leggings They have become key items in our wardrobe.They are very practical, combined with everything, and most importantly, their price is usually Quite affordable. Now, the fuseau model is fashionable again. This is a tight-fitting design that ends with a hook in the foot area. In this way, wrinkles will be eliminated, and more styled pants will be seen.

A basic one.An essential

exist Zara There are countless fuseau pants. Specifically, the model in the picture below is a feature of high-rise buildings with elastic waists. It has fake pockets and hidden side zipper closure in the seam area.

Pants’fuseau’ by Zara./Zara

They are priced at 22.99 Euros and range in size from XS to XXL.They are carefully made with at least 85% recycled polyester fiber and are marked with the name Join Life -Apparel made with technology and raw materials that help us reduce the environmental impact of our products-.They are ideal for daily life and creation It looks like More casual, like a fancy dinner.

original design

If what you want is to use some bolder ways to approach the set Leggings This piece of Zara is your best choice. Like the previous styles, they use a high waist and elastic waist design, but use a thin strip of the same fabric at the waist.In this way, a Full outfit More suitable for special occasions.

Pants'fuseau' by Zara./Zara
Pants’fuseau’ by Zara./Zara

It is available in two sizes: XS-S and ML, for only 15.99 euros.They are perfect for pairing with a stylish suit jacket Oversized And the top below so that the upper strap can be seen.

Nude tones

Fashion lovers know one thing very well, that is, earth color is a kind of Must have In any type of clothing. In this way, you must also find a pair of beige overalls, because it is one of the shades of this season.’S signature Amancio Ortega Designed a high-waisted soft fabric 19.95 Euro.

Pants'fuseau' by Zara./Zara
Pants’fuseau’ by Zara./Zara

In this case, it is ideal to combine it with monochrome clothing. The booming trend is like the light color when autumn or winter comes. Although these tones were the warmest period many years ago, they have now changed. Anything is fine.Fashion is constantly changing, we can see it in haute couture shows and companies low cost. And you, are you afraid? leggings-Pants Fosso This summer? Remember, it is a kind of clothing that has become a wardrobe staple and can cause more than one headache.

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