Fury and grief Leclerc after the accident


Ti have an image Charles LeclercFerrari crashes into a wall French Grand Prix will undoubtedly become one of the most memorable events of the championship, especially after Max Verstappena victory that takes him even further in the championship.

And the Ferrari pilot realized this immediately after his heart-rending exclamation of discontent on the radio to his team, which made it clear the grief of the Monegasque.

That accident could have cost him the world championship. Especially against the likes of Red Bull and Verstappen, who don’t seem to be in the mood to make mistakes, even if there’s still half a season ahead.

Leclerc could not believe what was happening to him, he could not find any solace. The stewards themselves tried to console him, but could not.

As soon as he got out of his seat, he crashed into the car in a clear sign of frustration and disbelief. No one expected the crash, least of all him, calmly driving 18 laps ahead.

He later said a phrase that was probably already in his head at the time.

“If I keep making these kinds of mistakes, I don’t deserve to win the championship,” he said after the race.

Ferrari Support

But Leclerc is not alone. This was shown from the Ferrari pit box when it arrived after the accident. Everyone wanted to get closer to cheer on the driver, who was still devastated.

This is a mistake, but the people of Maranello decided to show their support for Leclerc.

Soon after, they posted a video on their main social media showing exactly this support for the Monegasque. “We believe in you,” they said with confidence to their driver.

Matthew Binoto I hugged him myself and chatted with him just before he returned to his garage. He wanted to comfort his student, who also wanted to enlist the support of his people by going to greet them one by one. Perhaps also as a token of apology.

“Days like yesterday make you stronger. We support you every step of the way,” they wrote in another tweet in support of their driver.


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