Fuego volcano eruption in Guatemala: the most active volcano in Central America


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Later La Palma with Mount Etna, This week has broken out one-third.It’s about him Fire volcano, The busiest area in Central America is about 45 kilometers west of the capital Guatemala.

The Fuego volcano started a new eruption on Thursday, producing Large ash plume and pyroclastic flow, Report to the authorities.

According to the National Institute of Seismology, Volcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology (Insivumeh), 3,763 meters above sea level It is located between the provinces of Escuintla, Zacatepeques and Chimaltenango, and has traveled about 6 kilometers to reach the bottom of the volcano.

He warned that as long as the lava continues to flow out during this eruption, the incandescent material will continue to fall.

According to the authorities, the clouds created by the pyroclastic flow will generate ash in communities located on the south and southwest sides of the volcano and affect the surrounding air traffic.

No evacuation

Insivumeh recommended that the National Disaster Reduction Coordinator (Conred) raise the alert level and take necessary measures, especially in communities near the canyon. Senissa, Tanilua and Trinidad.

The spokesperson of the Civil Defense Agency, David De Leon, Explained that the volcano prevention team of the department where the colossus is located is vigilant about the evolution of activities and is still No need to evacuate.

If the volcanic eruption pattern changes and communities on the slopes of the volcano need to be evacuated, rescue agencies such as firefighters in the area will also be on alert.

The ash pillars of the volcano can be seen from various locations in the capital of Guatemala. The cone also recorded shock waves and moderate avalanches towards Ceniza, Trinidad, Tanuluyá, Santa Teresa and Las Lajas Canyon.

One of the most active

Fuego e volcanoIs one of the three most active people 32 colossus of Guatemala. The other two are Pacaya Volcano and San Tiagito Volcano in the south and west of the country.

The last major eruption of a volcano in Guatemala was on June 3, 2018, when the Fuego volcano killed 431 people living around it, even though it has been active.


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