‘Frustration’ at the coronation of Carlos III: its organisers banned from driving


Edward Fitcharan-Howard, Duke of Norfolk, you are banned from driving for six months. It’s reassuring news in the UK for who he is, but above all what his next assignment is. Responsible for the opening of parliament or state funerals (finally, Isabelle IIhe has been preparing for 20 years), also coronation Charles III. The Duke assures him that he needs permission to organize it, but Justice refuses him.

This isn’t the first time Fitcharan-Howard, 65, has been fined for driving misconduct, especially speeding. This time, I ran a red light with my mobile phone on April 7.His lawyer Natasha Dasrdashti – said era– Asking the judge to take into account her client’s high rank and her essential role after the formal pomp is over death of the queen September 8th.

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Lawyers argued that “this was an extremely exceptional circumstance”, but Magistrate Judith Way acknowledged it was “a unique case arising from the defendant’s role in society” and held that the facts were not “exceptional”. Dasrdashti also requested, unsuccessfully, not to disclose details that led to the duke being sanctioned over potential national security concerns. Only those references to the coronation itself have been omitted.

“A pivotal moment for the nation”

Fitcharan-Howard was the one who held the funeral for Queen Elizabeth II events of world significance And congratulations because everything went according to plan. On Monday, he gathered 2,000 people at Westminster Abbey, including members of the royal family and heads of state. Now he’s on his way to a coronation, but his inappropriate behaviour on the “old BMW” in Battersea, southwest London, turned everything upside down, at least his lawyers argue.

The Duke of Norfolk (right) was responsible for one of the acts following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Kirsty O’Connor


“He needs to go to every jurisdiction in the UK, talk to people and encourage them to take part in what is going to be another world show.” (…) At a very pivotal moment in the history of this country, there is a series of extremely special situation,” Dasrdashti explained, but failed to persuade the court, which withdrew six points from his client and imposed a £800 fine.

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coronation Charles III It is expected to take place in the spring or summer of 2023 to officially end the handover of the throne. Deadlines are traditional, to save a period of mourning. It was also the first major event that the new king wanted to show “austerity” and not go beyond what the etiquette required.According to sources familiar with the preparations Mirror“will strive to be the representative of the monarchy in the modern world.”

descendants Edward I, the Duke of Norfolk has held since his father’s death in 2022. Divorced and with five children, he has a fortune of around £100m. In the process, he admitted the obvious: “Obviously, I have the financial means to hire a driver.”



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