From Victoria Federica to Lourdes Montes: VIP dress up


Madrid is dressed up. This Thursday, Moet & Chandon hosted a party at the Royal Theatre, and celebrities from the chronicles of our society attended the party. According to this dress code, participants must wear formal attire to attend the event.Who doesn’t want to miss about the meeting Victoria Federica.’S niece King Philip His appearance surprised him again.

Victoria Federica wears a silver dress. /Gtres

‘S daughter Princess Elena She is wearing a silver fitted dress with a large opening on the side. It is made of a combination of two fabrics: a metallic color and a tulle on the upper part. She is wearing a T-shirt camouflaged with a very modern design. He will This piece is combined with elegant black sandals. As for the hairstyle, Influencer I chose a long braid. She did not attend the meeting alone, because her partner Jorge Bárcenas had also been seen. DJ chose a two-piece suit and bow tie as a supplement.

Paula Echevarría attended the event.  /Gtres
Paula Echevarría attended the event. /Gtres

Paula Echevarría does not want to miss this celebrity gathering.Interpreter Velvet She took the risk and tried a pink jumpsuit with shiny details, even though the huge puff sleeves that caught people’s attention the most.He completed this style in the purest style Modern Cinderella.

Francisco Rivera and Lourdes Montes (Lourdes Montes./Gtres)
Francisco Rivera and Lourdes Montes (Lourdes Montes./Gtres)

Francisco Rivera and Lourdes Montes They appeared together and colluded. The designer wore a long-sleeved black dress with golden details on the top.As an accessory, the matador’s wife wore one clutch Matching and shiny earrings. Cayetano Rivera’s brother wore dark suits, which is the etiquette rule for such exclusive parties.

Esther Doña and Santiago Pedraz./Gtres
Esther Doña and Santiago Pedraz./Gtres

This is the second time Esther Donna Appeared at public events in the same week as Santiago Pedraz. Carlos Falcó’s partner chose a green dress this time. Just a few days ago, Donna revealed to the media that considering that Christmas is approaching, she and the magistrate know this and will “spend it together”. However, he did not want to make any statement to Tamara Falco, who recently celebrated her 40th birthday at the Saldanha Palace in Madrid.

Elena Tablada, María García de Jaime, Tomás Páramo, María Pedraza, Rossy de Palma, Nieves Álvarez, Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada are just a few celebrities, they also enjoyed a magical night, of course, there are many charms.

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