From Sharon Stone to Victoria Federica: Seville becomes Hollywood with a bombed red carpet Sharon Stone transforms Sevilla into Hollywood at Elle’s Style Awards


Although it’s been months since we were able to enjoy some photo calls that have given us hope, after more than a year and a half of lack of brightness, due to the covid-19 pandemic, The celebration of the Elle Style Awards in Seville has undoubtedly been a real waste of glamorry shine that we have not remembered for several years. The act adorned the captain’s general’s building and it was not anything. Located on the Plaza de España, the elegant building designed by Aníbal González in a historicist style became the ideal context for a night of luxury and charm where the well-known faces of first names, national and international, have transformed the capital of Seville into a world-style epicenter.

Marta Sánchez / GTRES

Hand in hand with the guests’ extravagance, their style has set the tone for an authentic evening of etiquette. The list of VIPs has actually been endless: Marta Sánchez, Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, Aitana, Nieves Ávarez, Ana Mena, Sara Carbonero, Mar Saura, Eva González and Cayetano Rivera, Ester Expósito, Victoria Federica, Rita Ora or themselves Sharon stenstood, among other things, for stepping on what has so far undoubtedly been this year’s red carpet.

Nati Abascal
Nati Abascal / GTRES

There is no room in this case to talk about better or worse dressed because all the effort that the assistants make is welcome in this return to glamor life. But in addition to looks that are as personal as María del Montes with a flamenco design by Ángeles Verano, we have enjoyed the style of participants like Victoria Federica, with a cobalt blue velvet dress signed Lorenzo Caprile or Sharon Stone who chose “Made” in Spain’s creations by Juana Martín . A brave investment in an original black tuxedo with flared trousers in palettes that we applaud without restrictions.

Laura Sanchez
Laura Sánchez / GTRES

Domestic design has undoubtedly been the king of the night and Seville creators like Roberto Diz also took the cake with original dresses like the one worn by one of their muses, Alejandra Osborne, Olivia de Borbón or her great friend, model Laura Sánchez with a striking design in mustard color with a structured body with XL waves on the shoulders, combined with original belt and clutch in blue. How could it be otherwise, the obligatory looks were not lacking at the gala, like Eugenia Martínez de Irujos by Teresa Helbig, although there were also surprises and big changes like Belén Rueda who instead of drawing her headline signature, Carolina Herrera chose on this occasion a look by Vicky Martín Berrocal, the same company that carried the Nieves Álvarez gallows.

With reference to the highlights, it is a must to continue with the fireworks, thanks to the originality of Marta Sánchez dress signed Carla Ruiz, Naty Abascal with an impressive red dress with strategic ruffles by Jorge Rendondo, the sophistication of Jaydy Michel with his black dress from Tot -Home , a company that Eva González also chose, or Paco León’s masculine elegance with her Gucci tuxedo that highlighted the need for more Spanish companies that invested in the masculine.

Inside, the winners received their awards. “Some awards among which we wanted to highlight Ester Exposito in the category Revelation Actress, Aitana awarded as Musical Revolution and in the international arena Rita Ora picked up her statuette in the category Fashion Artist from Sara Carbonero and Sharon Stone who thanked her award for personally collecting her” Icon Elle “-pris

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