From Mohamed Atta to Colonel Donahue: Two Decades That Changed History forever

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A few days are really worth labeling history, but that Tuesday, September 11, 2001 it is. Anniversary — and its acronym 9/11 or 9/11 in the American nomenclature — is remembered all over the world year after year, Twenty years have been added from this inspection to the West.

In the Big Apple, the sky, blue and sunny, the typical New York summer ends, stained around the building complex The World Trade Center Smoky gray.Two planes were hijacked Islamic terrorists, Influence Twin Towers, One of the symbols of the economic power of the American cultural capital.

The third plane caused damage and casualties at the Pentagon, the headquarters of the Department of Defense in Arlington County, Virginia.

Another plane Attempt to demolish the Capitol, Located in the country’s geographic capital, Washington, DC, is the core of American political power, but it crashed in Pennsylvania after riots occurred in passengers and terrorist hostages.

A few minutes after eight in the morning, less than a quarter of an hour after takeoff, the first plane, American Airlines, was hijacked by a suicide bomber led by an Egyptian Mohamed Atta, Which will change the flight plan. Another plane, United Airlines, will be in a few minutes. Both eventually crashed into a skyscraper.

America president, George W. Bush, I learned that the tower had collapsed while visiting an elementary school.

Although the exact death toll is unknown, it is estimated to be About 3,000 direct victimsHowever, dozens of deaths remain to be determined.

More than 300 firefighters were killed in the rescue operation.Similarly, another 200 people participated in the so-called Zero zone They lost their lives a few months later due to illness-mainly respiratory and mental illnesses; police and emergency personnel were also affected.

After the tower was attacked, a police car.

After the tower was attacked, a police car.

Library of Congress

A study Published in a scientific journal ten years ago Lancet It was discovered that the firefighters involved in the rescue of the World Trade Center had a 19% higher chance of getting cancer. The reason was Toxicity of the impacted smoke cloud, Compared with other people of the same age.

After September 11, 2001

The consequences of 9/11 are not only numerous—in addition to human lives, the economic damage caused by the attack is estimated to be about 10 billion euros—but they are long-term.

Long echoes of horror resounded White house (Morocco), 2003; in Madrid -On March 11, 2004, more than 190 people were killed-in London, There were several simultaneous attacks in 2005.Before, there were more than 200 people BaliThis is one of the deadliest attacks in Indonesia. 173 victims joined them Mumbai (2008), the cascade of attacks Paris, 2015; massacre Orlando In 2016 or Manchester’s explosions, concerts, or blood on the Ramblas, in Barcelona; Both are in 2017.

The fundamentalist offensive triggered a Western response after 9/11, through the mouth of the then U.S. President George Bush. Declare the “War on Terrorism” And called on her allies to join her.

In a speech after the attack, Bush assured him that he would not distinguish between “those who commit terrorist acts and those who protect and shelter them.” Under this premise, U.S. intervention in Afghanistan, In order to overthrow-he did not take long-the Taliban regime, thinking they are Osama Bin Laden, Leader Al Qaeda, The faction is responsible for the attack.Pakistan Khalid Sheikh MohamedHe was arrested in 2003 and is still awaiting sentence in Guantanamo Prison after the trial was suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He is believed to be the mastermind of these crimes.

Even if bin Laden died-the U.S. Army killed him in 2011- Operation Enduring Freedom Did not fully bear fruit during the call Tomb of the Empire. Freedom is not that long; it has not reached 20 years. mission failed.

On August 30, U.S. troops began to withdraw from Kabul.Lieutenant Colonel Chris DonahueAs the commander of the 82nd Airborne Division, he was the last American to leave the territory of Afghanistan, embodying a United States defeated by the terrorist attacks it began to strike. Another image worthy of a history label.


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