From Los Angeles to Brazil: the busy end of the year of the Kings


After a week without seeing the Kings in public and waiting for the return of the Princess Leonor to Spain For the Christmas holidays, the House of HM the King has published the list of activities planned for the coming days. An intense week for the Royal Family since, in addition, it is the previous to the Christmas celebrations, for which reason Their Majesties are expected to close their annual commitments -with the exception of some specific act or some private outing that may transcend-.

This Friday, the Princess of Asturias finished the classes of the second term in the Atlantic College and, although it has not been revealed if Leonor has already returned home or not, the truth is that, according to the school calendar, the students return to their respective countries between this afternoon and tomorrow morning. What is not known, unlike the Princess’s previous vacations, is when we will be able to see her in public. In fact, last year at the same time, no official or unofficial departure took place, perhaps also due to the restrictions still in force due to the pandemic. The situation right now is different.

The Kings with Princess Leonor in the Exemplary Town of Cadavedo.

This coming Monday, King Felipe has an important meeting at the Royal Palace. The monarch will participate in a meeting with the Board of Trustees of the Princess of Girona Foundation, of which his eldest daughter is honorary president. An appointment to which, this time, Queen Letizia will not be able to attend, since she has planned a trip to los angeles, but that could be the perfect occasion for Leonor to reappear in public. A detail that is not confirmed.

The Queen will be in the United States from Monday to Tuesday. On her first day in Los Angeles, Doña Letizia will participate in a working meeting on Spanish in the United States, while on Tuesday she will preside over the inauguration of the new Cervantes Institute in Los Angeles. For his part, that same day, the King will travel to the Canary Islands to attend the gala dinner of the OECD Ministerial Conference on the Digital Economy.

The Kings together in an official act.

It will not be until Friday when we will see Doña Letizia again, who will chair a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the FAD Youth Foundation in Madrid, with which she will close her weekly agenda. Before that, the monarch will travel to Teruel on Wednesday to inaugurate an exhibition, he will preside over the delivery of the prizes of the Victims of Terrorism Foundation and will visit the units of the Marine Infantry Force in Cádiz.

This week there are no events planned for Queen Sofía, nor is it foreseen, in principle, any appearance by Princess Leonor or Infanta Sofía. What is likely is that the official Christmas greeting from the House of HM the King will be distributed over the weekend or at the beginning of the following week, given that there is little more than a week left until Christmas Eve.

Felipe and Letizia posing / Gtres
The Kings Don Felipe and Doña Letizia posing.

Although there is still no official confirmation, King Felipe is expected to attend the inauguration of the new president of Brazil, Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva, as he has almost always done since his time as Prince of Asturias. An act that, on this occasion, would cut short her Majesty’s Christmas vacation, as it will take place on January 1.


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