From Letizia’s protagonist to the ‘loneliness’ of Princess Sofia on Hispanic Day


The royal family faces one of its biggest days.Celebrate again this Wednesday Hispanic Heritage Daythis time, with Completely normal. One of the most relevant actions on the King’s agenda in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, for the first time it has been carried out without restrictions. This means that not only will the parade be conducted in the traditional way, but masks will not be used.

The Kings were on Hispanic Day last year. / Getreth

For the second year in a row, the biggest absentee on the day will be Princess Leonor. The eldest daughter of King Felipe and Queen Letizia is currently in second year of the International Baccalaureate at the University of London. Welsh Atlantic College. The heiress doesn’t plan to go home before the end of the month, just in time for the school holidays.In addition, this year’s The Princess of Asturias Foundation Award Must be modified to match the princess’ fall break.

Since Don Felipe took over as leader of the country after abdicating in the summer of 2014 king juan Carlos, the structure of Hispanic Heritage Days has undergone important changes.Indeed, before that, with the departure of the Duke of Parma, the number of members of the royal family was reduced, as was the case with the decision made in 2012 little princess elena Will remain outside the main booth and will be placed with other authorities. Later, the Duchess of Lugo ended up in the audience. But, beyond that, what’s really relevant is how the core of the crown evolved, namely the king and their two daughters. Since 2014, they are the real protagonists.

princess sofia
The royal family in 2014. /Gtres

In the early years, all eyes were on the Queen, especially the looks – always new, always Philip Varela– Chosen by the wife of Felipe VI.However, as early as last year, Doña Letizia was surprised by her strategic shift, she chose Maria Barragan. naturally, as princess eleanor and Infanta Sofía have been growing up, and they have always been the ones that grabbed some of the attention.This Hispanic Heritage Day Until recently, it was one of the few occasions where the king’s daughters could be seen in public, and, moreover, an ideal situation to learn about their evolution. On top of that, in 2020, in a year marked by the pandemic, we’ve seen a huge change in princesses and princesses, very different and perfectly defined in style.

However, this year, like last year, only the smallest families will be in attendance.This Eleanor’s studies in Wales They did not allow her to participate in this important event where her sister monopolized all eyes. Infanta Sofía, who has not been seen in public since September last year, can be seen arriving briefly with her father on her first day of school.

princess sofia
The king and their daughters are in Madrid. / Getreth

Although she never misses important events, the princess’ schedule has nothing to do with her sister’s. At fifteen, Sophia had yet to perform any solo performances or give a speech. Of course, his roadmap is different — and easier –.When Leonor became Princess of Asturias And his position in the officialdom has also changed: from the side of his mother and sister, to the side of the king forever. However, the reality of recent years has made Infanta Sofía stand out. A “forced” protagonist, still a product of forced loneliness.


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