From Kiko Matamoros to Joaquín Sabina: VIP farewell to Almudena Grandes

Literature is is Last Saturday, Almudena Grandes died of cancer at the age of 61 He suffered. A tragic loss that affected all departments of our country caused a great mobilization of the most famous Spanish faces to the Madrid funeral home in La Paz, where they went to say goodbye to the writer.

More shocked than the other participants were the close relatives of the artist. Her husband and dean of the Cervantes Academy, Luis Montero joined the children in the ceremonies, and he and Almudena formed an enviable family: Mauro, Irene and Alyssa. This duel was not faced by them alone, because friends like Annabelen and Victor Manuel were obviously downcast and did not hesitate to accompany Almudena’s relatives during this difficult time. The person who does not want to give up the author’s family is Joaquín Sabina.The translator and the author are good friends, and they also share their love for Atletico Madrid.And, although at first Interpreters He established a very good relationship with Almudena’s husband, and he repeated this special relationship with her many years later. In fact, the columnist has already said that she and her husband used to spend summers in Rota (Cádiz) with Sabina.

Joaquín Sabina attends the funeral home / Gtres

As time passed, they also appeared in the burning church Kiko Matamoros and his girlfriend, Marta Lopez. Collaborator help me He is the cousin of Almudena Grandes, a family bond through which both parties share most of their childhood and adolescence.Considering that the deceased was part of her closest family environment, Kiko mentioned that she was in Saturday luxury room“This is a sad day for everyone, because many people have liked her work for many years, but the most important thing is for her family, because we all love her very much,” he explained very sadly.

Pedro Sanchez at the funeral home / Gtres

One of the funeral home assistants who received the most attention during the morning meeting was the government chairperson. Pedro Sánchez (Pedro Sánchez) heard the sad news and immediately expressed condolences via Twitter: “We have lost a major writer of our time. She is firm and brave, telling our recent history from a progressive perspective. Your memory, your work, will always be with us, Almudena Grandes. For him A hug for family and relatives”, Wrote. Realizing that this death means the loss of an outstanding talent in our country, Secretary General of PSOE This morning, he wanted to go a step further and convey his support to his family in a personal way. But he is not the only politician present. Other great faces in our country have also appeared in this field. How do Se Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Marta Rivera de la Cruz, Angel Gabilondo, Iraq One Bellala, Mikel Essetta, Felix Bolaños, or Unai Soldo.

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