From infidelity to Lucia to cruel condemnation of Christopher

The last temptation, Mixed format Island of temptation Will not leave anyone indifferent. Although only five episodes were filmed, there have been two infidelities.One from Andrea to Roberto, who is already a former partner, and the other from Isaac Torres to Lucía, he entered a new era of this show with him Sandra BarnedaAlthough the protagonists of this story reached the peak of their relationship, they don’t seem to be born for each other.

Lucia finds out that her partner Isaac Torres is unfaithful to her in “reality”. / Telecinco

The famous alarm clock sound has never brought any benefit, and it will not be less this time. Wednesday night was a hell for Lucia. The host rushed into the villa and said a word, and the nervousness of the participants became obvious. “Urgent View”, He said with a serious face.After asking the contestants if they imagined what would happen, Barneda left them with the tablet, where they found Isaac and Bella They kissed.

Isaac and Bella talk about their romance. /Telecinco
Isaac and Bella talk about their romance. /Telecinco

“I won’t lose my health for a man. Yes, it hurts, but I don’t care,” she said, and Marina-who also had an affair with Isaac before starting with Lucia when they became friends-for this This situation burst into tears. “There are two people photographed here. The first is him, because he is the person with me, and the second is her, because since he entered, he has come with a lot of evil. Lucia doesn’t feel what happened. surprise Wolf -Isaac’s nickname-because they had warned him that he was unfaithful in the summer. “Unless I have evidence, I can’t doubt, otherwise I won’t survive,” Lucia said. “I feel terrible and disappointed, but the pain I felt when Manuel did this to me—his former partner was unfaithful to him in the last edition of “Island of Temptation”—I didn’t Feel it. If I hadn’t died for Manuel, I wouldn’t have died for him,” she said confidently and thoughtfully.

after what Lucy Manuel found her partner unfaithful and comforted her. Although he also hurt her, both of them put aside the past and regained their close relationship.The other most compelling moment of the night, and therefore one of the most commented on social networks, was when Christopher Van’s partner-learned of Isaac He is unfaithful to his girlWhen Fani betrayed him with Rubén, one of the seducers, his situation in the version he participated in.

“When you can do this perfectly on the outside, don’t you like to hurt another person?” Christopher began. “We bear it. Isaac is more to blame than you.” He was referring to Bella. If you say that you don’t like injury, then accept it and do it another day instead of in front of the whole of Spain.” He finally expressed angrily.

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