From hero of the transition to repudiated with an unknown: the forgotten anniversary of King Juan Carlos


The last two years of King Juan Carlos have been convulsive to say the least, and no wonder. It was on August 3, 2020 when, in the middle of the pandemic, King Juan Carlos packed his bags and went to Abu Dhabi to start a new life there away from her loved ones and put an end to the controversies that revolved around her, and so she told okdiary first hand. A movement with which the emeritus ended an era that began exactly on November 22, 1975, the day on which he was proclaimed King of Spain.

King Juan Carlos after his proclamation / Gtres

Before the Francoist Cortes, the former King of Spain was named monarch at just 31 years of age, signing the Constitution and putting an end to one era to begin another based on the long-awaited democracy for all the country’s citizens. A stage that Juan Carlos I de Borbón faced with the greatest of illusions and with the arduous task of assuming the Head of State under a speech that won over all his followers: “Let no one fear that their cause will be forgotten, let no one expect a privilege. Together we can do it all if we all give each other a fair chance. This stage, which we have to go through together, begins with peace, work and prosperity.”, he pronounced.

From that moment, the father of Felipe VI assumed the Spanish throne to become the hero of the transition, carrying out endless agreements with leaders from different countries to ensure that Spain had a lot of support. Perhaps what he could not imagine is that his trajectory would take a 180 degree turn in the saddest and most sudden way both for him and for those closest to him.

Don Juan Carlos as a young man / Gtres
Don Juan Carlos as a young man / Gtres

It was June 19, 2014 when King Juan Carlos relinquished the throne of Spain in favor of his son Felipe, thus giving rise to an abdication probably carried out by the continuous rumors that were around him and to be able to safeguard an increasingly deteriorated monarchy. From that moment on, Princess Leonor’s grandfather tried to remain in the background of the media so as not to take away from her son or the current heir to the throne. An apparent hermeticity that was broken when, in 2020, Felipe VI made public his decision to eliminate the official assignment of Juan Carlos Ialso renouncing his inheritance.

King Juan Carlos
King Juan Carlos with Don Felipe in 2014 / Gtres

In this way, the current sovereign broke all the ties that in his day united him with his progenitor, except one indelible one, which is none other than the family member. However, and in order not to hinder the reign of his son, the husband of Queen Sofía chose to take refuge in the United Arab Emirates, given the closeness he maintains with the country’s high officials, in order to distance himself from the country that reigned for almost four decades, which he did not step on until May 19, when landed in Galicia to start a temporary journey through Sanxenjo that would end at the Palacio de la Zarzuela with the members of the Royal Family and an unknown in the air: will he live within our borders again?


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