From Chanel to Rituals: choose the Advent calendar according to your pocket


The Christmas they are already around the corner. It seems like yesterday when we gave Welcome to 2021 and the summer has passed and we are about to close for a year. That’s why it’s time to discover the wonderful Advent calendars beauty. More and more brands are designing this product, which is now a must for the summer season. We have made a selection of some of them, but adapted for all types of pockets, so first we show them more expensive until we reach low cost.

Chanel advent calendar

Advent calendar for Chanel It costs no more and no less than 700 euros. The famous French company has placed the following products inside: Carmine-colored luminous lipstick. Miniature format, ceramic bottle no. 5, for perfume with fragrance notes, exclusive sticker whose design is based on the wax seal on bottle no. 5, glowing red beautifying and protective nail polish. Life-size, two-part magnetized bookmark whose design is based on the bottle N ° 5, decorative keychain consisting of three elements: a miniature representation of N ° 5, a CHANEL band and a pendant with the monogram, powerful lipstick and radiant in an exclusive case stamped with numbers 5, an exclusive creation inspired by number 5, among many other things.

Chanel./Chanel Advent Calendar

Ritual Advent calendar

On Ritual we can find two completely different models. On the one hand it with a price on 89.99 euros and on the other 59.99 euros. Inside we find from creams to products for both hair and skin care. Of course, the size is miniature.

Ritual./Ritual Advent calendar
Ritual./Ritual Advent calendar

The most expensive calendar is ready and 3d so we can design our small village to our liking, which is the theme chosen by the company. As for the most economical calendar, it consists of a piece that simulates a snow-covered building where gold and white are the main characters.

Avon’s Advent Calendar

Avon launches its first wind calendar for the first time, “with a 24-day Deluxe Edition With a design in purple and pink tones, it has 24 compartments: 24 AVON beauty products such as facials and body treatments, make-up and fragrances”, they have from their communications department .

Avon./Avon Advent calendar
Avon./Avon Advent calendar

Best of all, it is valued at 166 euros, but the price is 64.99 euros. You can buy it both through your distributor AVON or on the web and receive it at home or wherever you want. It contains products such as: a Glimmerstick lip case, True Red tone, 0.28 g; Ultra Volume Lash Magnify Mascara, Blackest Black shade, 10 ml; Pro Color Nail Polish 60 Seconds, Think Fast Pink Shade, 10 ml; Nail Experts 7 in 1 Nail Care, 10 ml; Glittergel nail polish, red in red shade, 10 ml; Planet Spa Aromatherapy Sleep Hand Cream, 30 ml; Planet Spa Aromatherapy Beauty Sleep Night Mask, 50 ml; Planet Spa Aromatherapy Beauty Sleep Pillow Spray 100 ml; Eyeliner, Blackest Black shade, 0.28 g, among others.

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