From Castroism to Anti-Communism


to be an adversary Cubait is very expensive. William Farinas he knows it well. He endured it in his own flesh. For decades, he was one of the most prominent leaders of Cuban dissent. It cost him jail time, torture, and almost 500 arrests (de facto kidnappings by the dictatorship).

But – who would have thought – Koko, as her friends like to call her, was not always on the opposite side of the communist regime. He was born in Castro familyhis parents belonged to the 26th of July Movement and he was educated in revolution values. when I was a child he loved fidel castrohe admitted in an interview with LD. He knew his speeches by heart, and it was this – over time – that led him to check what breed the character in question was made of.

Fidel’s disappointment

“I was a fan Fidel Castrofrom the age of 9, – he assures, – I began to study memory speech. He knew them with a semicolon.” The loyalty was such that he became part of his security team, he would give his life for him. This was until he realized that he was a liar and did not set an example.

It happened when “I spent 7 months as sniper defense“. I kept a close eye on him, so witnessed a mess of skirts who opened pandora’s box. It was one of many, but – this time – with the wrong lady, in Koko’s opinion. It was someone else’s wife, and not someone else’s, if not the wife of his so-called best friend.

On that day, the Commander was in the pool with an attractive brunette, unknown to Farinas until that moment. But one of his comrades discovered his identity. It was about Lupa Veliz, wife of Captain Antonio Nunez Jimenez. Fidel sent him “just like to the Himalayas, like to the Orinoco, or to the North Pole. So he kept him away and maintained a relationship with her.”

For Koko, it was a blow. “He said 17 Times I Was Your Best Friendin his speeches. I knew them by heart. So I said I can’t keep exposing my life a person who has these moral values. In that case, the frustration “was not with the system, but with him,” he warns. But everything will pass.

Tambov opened his eyes

At this point, he transfers to the FARC Special Forces. “I am being sent to Angola. I do several penetrations, of which I have two wounds, one in the leg and one in the spine. And at 11 months they send me to military academy in Tambov“, concludes Farinas. “This is what God sent me. This is the most anti-communist city in Russia,” he exclaims.


In his story, he cannot fail to mention specifically about “famous wolves Tambov partisans who until 1939 fought against the communists inside the Soviet Union. they turned him into an anti-communisthe assures. But getting rid of the costume that accompanied him from birth will not be easy. “I signed up for 25 years of service in the armed forces” and “if I don’t comply, I’ll be shot.”

But during life, although it was difficult, luck (or God, because he is a believer) did not leave him. A “nerve gas accident” that nearly cost him his life gave him an illness “incompatible” with the army. He was demobilized and began his studies at a university in Cuba.

Fidel’s disappointment shook the foundations of his communist beliefs and love for the revolution. Staying in Tambov opened his eyes and mind. There he had access to “samizdat literature, underground Russian literature”. read books like Farm Rebellion or 1984. And then his awakening began. The process he described in detail LDand they can see video interview.


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