Friends and family of Cara Delevingne urge her to go to rehab

BUT The recent spate of incidents has raised concerns among Cara Delevingnethe inner circle with several of her friends convince the star to go to rehab.

DelevingneThe singer’s well-being has become a matter of concern for those closest to the star, with several of her friends concerned about her recent behavior.

According to TMZ sources close to the star, they are “desperate” for her to go to rehab with her friends, which also indicates that the model and actress are struggling with both mental health and substance abuse issues.

“There is talk of staging some kind of interference and securing Expensive is getting the help she might need,” an insider told TMZ.

“She’s been burning the candle at both ends lately and it’s clearly taking its toll.”

DelevingneThe spiral goes back to March, when the star was spotted very drunk at a party in New York.

Most recently, the star was spotted erratic at Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles following her participation in the Burning Man festival.

Margot Robbie is one of those concerned

According to TMZ report margot robbie who filmed with Delevingne in the movie “Suicide Squad” filmed leaving Delevingnethe house is in tears over the incident, further indicating that things may not be so good.


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