Friend: James Michael Taylor, famous for playing Gunther in the series, passed away

friends Mourning the death of one of his familiar James Michael TaylorKnown for playing Gunther in the novel, he died of grade 4 prostate cancer at the age of 59.The message has been TMZ, A portal dedicated to international celebrities, after confirmation by their representatives.

Taylor is well-known for stepping into the position of owner of the company. Central privilege, A place where all friends meet. In addition, one of his most famous episodes is trying to conquer Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), which is a difficult and arduous task, and he has never succeeded.

Gunther from friends/@courteneycoxofficial

The actor left a significant blank: «The whole world knows that he is Gunther (the seventh friend) from the hit show friends“But Michael’s relatives know that he is an actor, musician, cancer awareness advocate and loving husband,” a family spokesperson said. “Michael likes live music, cheers for his Clemson Tigers, and often participates in interesting, unplanned adventures. If you know him once, you will become a lifelong friend,” he continued.

Gunther reported his condition shortly before attending a special meeting with other colleagues at the beginning of the year, which surprised everyone. However, since he was diagnosed with cancer for the first time in 2018, he has been sick, so he concealed it for more than three years. He said frankly that he didn’t want to make it public before, so as not to make anyone sad.

His novel colleagues mourned his passing, and some people used emotional words on social networks to express their feelings for him. The first to do this was Jennifer Aniston: «friends It wouldn’t be the same without you. Thank you for the laughter you brought to the show and all of us. We will miss you very much #JamesMichaelTyler ? ». The actress used a scene in the series where Gunther admitted that he was in love with her.

Another protagonist who wants to regret his departure is Courteney Cox. She is known for her role as Monica. She posted a photo of the ill-fated actor and attached it. The following message is given: «Your infinite gratitude (…) every day on the shooting site is as big as the day we met you. Rest in peace.” Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBron added a lasting memory to their partner: “James Michael Taylor, we will miss you.” Thank you for serving all of us,” she wrote; we have a lot of laughter, buddy. Miss you. DEP, my friend», he has posted.

In addition to his role friends, He participated in 150 episodes of 236 episodes, and Michael also appeared in SAbrina, witch’s stuff, Scrub, or Shoot me! (Give me a sigh!),and many more.

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