Friday Luxury: Shaila Dúrcal, guest of Telecinco tonight


After a short break, ‘luxury’ Return to the TV grill. The heart program that starts on Telecinco at 10:00 pm has a special guest.This is about Rocío Dúrcal’s daughter, Shaila Dúrcal. Among other things, she will talk about her Cruel physical changesThe well-known singer revealed through her social network that she has lost about 20 kilograms in recent months.

“This summer, I bet on the healthy life of my PronoKal team. I have been using my weight loss method for 4 months and I am happier with my results than ever before.They are nearly 20 kilograms! So now you know, join #PronoKalEffect Because for me, this is a basic study in my life, and I got the support I need to be satisfied with myself again! Thank you PronoKal, she explained that she is proud of her new lifestyle. In the said “post”, he appeared with a smile in nature. It will be in the Mediaset format and Dúrcal will reveal more details about the entire process he must go through in order to achieve his goals.

Has recovered, Sarah Ducal She can breathe easily because she lost a finger in an accident not long ago, which completely changed her life. After several visits to the doctor, the surgeon managed to reconstruct the missing hand, although the rehabilitation process was difficult and complicated. “One of my German Shepherds tried to separate them during a fight, and my fingers were cut off. I made a mistake and put my fingers into the female’s mouth. It was very fast, like a guillotine, I was completely No feeling… I just see my phalanx rolling. Now I told it with humor, But it is very dramatic,” he told the magazine “Hello! “. Now, all of this has become a part of the past, because the artist laughed again and is at an important moment in her life.

Shaila Dúrcal is in the file image. /Gtres

As she herself sometimes commented, focusing on recovery and deciding to quit smoking were some of the reasons for her weight gain. On the other hand, in the professional field, Shaila Dúrcal continues to execute many of the projects she has at hand, even though the coronavirus pandemic has prevented some of them.

In fact, just a few weeks ago, he shared a video on the Internet announcing one of his concerts. “Hello! Where are my friends from California? My name is Shaila Dúrcal. I am glad to see you at the Mariachi Festival in Sacramento, California on Saturday, July 24. See you from 12:00 to 21:00. “They Be loved!’, he expressed his pleasure to be able to restart his music career after this atypical year.

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