Frenchwoman Annie Erno won the Nobel Prize in Literature.


French writer Annie Erno was awarded Nobel Prize in Literature, as announced on Thursday by the Swedish Academy.

The jury emphasizes that Erno, the author of more than thirty works, examines consistently and from different angles “a life marked by stark differences between sexes, languages, and classes.”

Similarly, the award recognizes the “courage and clinical insight” with which the author “uncovers the roots, alienation and collective limitations of personal memory,” the Academy said in a statement. Erno “believe in the liberating power of writing” and his “uncompromising” work is written in “simple” language and “brushed clean,” the organization added.

In her work, the Frenchwoman “reveals the agony of class experience” and describes emotions such as “shame, humiliation, jealousy or inability to see who you are”, with the help of which she achieved “something wonderful and lasting”, secured the Swedish Academy .

Erno was born in 1940 in Normandy. Her literary debut took place in 1974 with cabinets vinesbut it was his fourth title, pleasure (1983), which launched his literary career. It was followed by works published in Spanish such as Place, frozen woman, Shame or The use of photography.

Her lyrics are based on autobiographical experiences and combine fiction, sociology and history, telling stories about her family or personal events such as an abortion or breast cancer.

Honored with the French Language Prize in 2008, she was awarded the Formentor Prize in 2019 for what the jury says is “a relentless exercise in truthfulness penetrating the innermost corners of the mind.”

The 2021 winner is a writer Abdulrazak Gurnaborn in Tanzania and living in the United Kingdom, was awarded the Nobel Prize for his “interest in the consequences of colonialism and the plight of refugees and their links to cultures and continents”.



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