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What defined the American commercial cinema of the old days? Many things, including a good corpus of more or less recognizable genre films, with more or less identity or quality, but always with commercial potential. Now that times are changing, psychological thrillers or conspiracies like this Black box they are almost conspicuous in their absence, at least in cinemas rather than platforms. Or almost. In this quick diagnosis of the state of affairs, we often forget European products that rely: 1) on competition, not originality, and 2) on their trust in the viewer who can enjoy a commercial film who does not need more tinsel than his own. plot, not critical tinsel or ubiquitous advertising campaign.

Black boxThe French thriller investigating the causes of the plane crash is one such film. Director Yann Gozlan with a good pulse (Perfect man, burn out), the film tells how a young but brilliant black box expert from BEA, the French Civil Aviation Investigation Agency, is faced with a dilemma in his life: An accident on a commercial flight from Dubai to Paris might not have been an accident … not a terrorist attack.

Effective scenario Black box It has less interesting episodes that coincide with the protagonist’s personal rout, but when he focuses on Mathieu’s (Pierre Nini) investigations, which is most of his two hours, it’s usually pretty good. The best part is the terrifying sensitivity with which Gozlan removes the culminating revelations, as well as Mathieu’s conjecture: opening a black box is like an autopsy; the sounds of the black box seem to be psychophonies, the sounds from the grave in indistinguishable auditory marasmus; and the boy’s reasoning, in its own way amazing, but rather naive in his social relations, takes on the essence of an ominous hallucination in which the main character is at the moment of (possible) events as an astral projection of James. Wang.

This supernatural sensitivity is in what is otherwise a well-filmed conventional and effective conspiracy that could well accommodate a large study of some Michael Crichton novel. Critical point… Not content with the remains of the Americans, Black box he retains the interest of the viewer, despite the typicality of his conclusions, and boasts a solid hero. The severity of the production and its development, devoid of sentimentality (in something the Gallic flair should have been noticed) round out a highly recommended product.

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