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122 women were killed by a spouse or ex-spouse in 2021, a 20 percent increase from the previous year.

Chilling numbers. The number of femicides in France increased by 20 percent in 2021 compared to the previous year, with 122 women killed by a spouse or ex-spouse, compared with the previous year, according to a report by the French Foreign Ministry on Friday, August 26. 102 people per year. interior.

In 2021, women accounted for 85% of total victims of marital violence (143 deaths, including 122 women and 21 men), compared with 82% in 2020, which has remained stable since 2006.

The Home Office study noted that the figures were “more in line with the levels of violent deaths observed for the couple prior to the Covid-19 epidemic”.

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“Only” 102 women were killed in 2020 compared to 146 in 2019, which is indeed an exception, but it is unclear to what extent this drop can be explained by periods of confinement and curfews.

For Isabel Roma, Ministerial Representative for Gender Equality, the figures for 2021 are “chilling”. “Despite unprecedented efforts by the state over the past five years, femicide remains disproportionately high,” she told AFP.

Of the female victims, almost one-third (32%) had experienced violence, and 64% of them had reported the incident to the police. Of these, 84% have filed a complaint.

These “horrific” figures show “possible avenues for assessment,” Françoise Briere, director-general of the National Federation of Women’s Solidarity (FNSF), which provides 3919 call reception for women victims of violence, told AFP. Serve.

Use of bladed weapons

“When a woman reports violence, there is a need to better assess the danger she faces. But we must also make progress in recognizing violence: empowering women to express themselves, to tell the facts that come out of nowhere,” Françoise Bouo Rielle added.

“There are no protection measures for women,” said Ernestine Ronai, an activist and head of the Observatory of the Department of Violence against Women in Seine-Saint-Denis.

Ernestine Ronai pointed out that out of 122 female victims, only 3 female victims (a “ridiculous” proportion) benefited from judicial protection measures, making it necessary to “multiply the number of orders by 10”.

As in previous years, disputes (31) and unaccepted resignation (27) were the main reasons for inaction (41%). This was followed by jealousy (25 cases) and victim’s disease (21 cases).

Perpetrators used blade weapons in one-third of deaths of all genders: 37 men and 13 women. For firearms (46 fatalities), almost all firearms (44) were used by men.

85 women have been killed by 2022

About 43 percent of homicide perpetrators committed suicide or attempted suicide afterward. In 2021, 46 suicides and 15 attempted incidents were recorded, a figure that has remained steady each year, involving almost exclusively men (60 men per woman).

For Pauline Baron of the feminist collective #NousToutes, “we see the limits of the famously great cause of the first five years of tenure,” but its hallmark was Grenelle Against Domestic Violence, which led to some 40 measures in late 2019.

These “are not budgeted enough to be deployed everywhere: not enough anti-reconciliation bracelets and seriously dangerous calls to protect women,” the activist estimated.

Prevention must also be “strengthened”, she said: “Emotional and sexual education is not being taught in schools, which is the way to break this generational violence”.

For Ernestine Ronay, “we do not fully reflect the dangers of violent men in our society” who are “unpredictable”. As a result, “no petty violence”, the activist insisted: “With a slap, you can say ‘it’s not serious’, but we don’t know how far it can go”.

As of 2022, as of August 21, the #NousToutes collective has counted 85 incidents of femicide, i.e. in less than 8 months.

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