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French lawmakers who arrived in Taipei on Wednesday formed the largest European delegation to Taiwan since major Chinese military exercises, which they see as “a stable partner in the region”.

“We see Taiwan as a stable partner in the region,” Senator Cyril Pellevat said Thursday, Sept. 8, leading the largest European delegation to the island since China’s August military exercises.

Cyril Pellevat also stressed at a news conference that France “has interests in this territory, and we consider Taiwan a stable partner in the region.”

Surrounded by four other French senators from a delegation that arrived in Taiwan on Tuesday for a six-day visit, he claimed he had not been intimidated by China.

Eight representatives of the U.S. Congress were also on the island from Tuesday and had to leave on Thursday.

persistent threat

Taiwan lives under constant threat of incursions from Beijing, which considers the island part of its territory to be reconquered by force if necessary.

Beijing opposes any diplomatic move that might give Taiwan legitimacy and is increasingly annoyed by any visits by Western officials and elected politicians. It was the fourth visit in a year by French elected officials.

In early August, Beijing began a show of force in retaliation for US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

China sent warships, missiles and fighter jets to Taiwan’s waters and skies for a week. The exercises are the largest and most aggressive since the mid-1990s.

Taiwan ally

Nancy Pelosi, very critical of Beijing, is the tallest American to visit Taiwan in 25 years. Following the visit, several US delegations visited the island.

Many European countries have also shown greater support for Taipei in recent years, with elected officials regularly visiting the island.

Like most countries, the United States and France formally recognize Beijing at the expense of Taipei, but they remain Taiwan’s main allies and maintain de facto diplomatic relations with the island.

Official policy in Washington is against both Taiwan’s declaration of independence and China’s forcible changes to Taiwan’s status.

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