‘Freedom’: Shocked by Trump’s ties to Canada’s anti-vaccine trucker protests


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Mandatory mask use and mandatory quarantine on the job for truck drivers who have returned from travel in the U.S. but have not been vaccinated in time.government measures Justin Trudeau For road carriers, they may appear lax to adjust to the reality of Covid infection rates in their country and beyond. Joe Biden, or exaggeratedThere is no doubt that what the Prime Minister of Canada could not have foreseen was the aftermath of his lasting week across the country.

The measure has sparked opposition from unions from the day it was enacted, and anger from truck drivers has grown.And just like that, a protest that lasted for several days began, culminating in Torontohas become one of the largest mobilizations in the country, even leading to Trudeau’s security services last weekend You are advised to leave your habitual residence To be cautious.

Among the protesters, there was an air of “Trumpism”. Already seen the “Trump 2024” banner, a banner supporting the former U.S. president’s bid for the next presidential election, and a banner with the slogan “Make Canada Great Again”, the same one Trump used in 2017, when when he was a candidate.

Protesters in Toronto this weekend.


Initially, hundreds of heavy-duty trucks began their journey from British Columbia to the country’s east coast on Sunday, January 30, with the final destination being Toronto. 350 to 400 cars gathered in the capital and between 2,000 and 3,000 protesters.

In fact, “Convoy for Liberty”, “Freedom Convoy” in English, started out as a sectoral protest movement. Even the hauler’s majority alliance, the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), initially objected.

'Freedom': Alarmed by links to Trump extremists protesting against anti-vaccine truckers

‘Freedom’: Alarmed by links to Trump extremists protesting against anti-vaccine truckers


“We strongly oppose any protests on public roads, highways and bridges,” the CTA said in a statement, while arguing that the vast majority of truck drivers are regularly vaccinated and comply with their obligations.

In short, it wasn’t a popular movement in its initial stages, and the numbers didn’t really matter.But a week is enough to multiply them $8 million through the platform GoFundMe you start to see typical utensils most aggressive trumpet player even sign nazi swastika.

A protester holding a flag against President Justin Trudeau.

A protester holding a flag against President Justin Trudeau.


The protests were backed by Tesla founder and the world’s richest man, Trump, Elon Muskeven from conservative TV networks Fox News.

Ottawa police said this week that the protests received logistical and financial support, which authorities said could come from a “significant factor” in the United States.

In fact, the GoFundMe platform ended up canceling the protesters’ fundraiser for violating their terms of service.However, that crowdfunding It doesn’t end there. This Saturday, they decided to open another fundraiser on another page, and in just one afternoon, they received $1.3 million.

Radicalisation of protests

hardly arrest a person Carrying a firearm, another truck driver refused to move the vehicle for disturbing public order.The protests are mainly peaceful And somehow in a festive mood, but the vast majority of the various anti-vaccine movements have joined, contrary to Trudeau’s liberal government, activists, deniers…and what happened in Toronto has been rumored all over the country.

Canadian police detain a protester in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Canadian police detain a protester in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


The protests in Quebec City, Ottawa, Winnipeg… have begun to worry security forces, as Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly explained: “This weekend’s demonstrations will be unique: dangerous and significant. Unfortunately, they have a polarizing nature.”

Because of this, the police are controlling Canadian social network Faced with possible parallel demonstrations and counter-demonstrations “may or may not come to the city” but “but incite hatred, violence and in some cases crime”.

“A Career”

Ontario Premier Doug Ford was outspoken about the protests this weekend. “They are no longer a demonstration, but an occupation,” lamented the political leader.

If you consider that some protesters have even set up tents, portable kitchens and even Bouncy Castle and Sauna.

The Ottawa police chief said the protests were increasingly “dangerous” and very “volatile.” “They are highly organized protesters, well-funded and very committed to resisting attempts by the authorities to end the demonstrations in a safe way,” he explained.

Additionally, police fear anti-vaccine shipping companies will start using their trucks to charge them. Justin Trudeau has so far ruled out deploying the country’s military to control the demonstrations.


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