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The free phone was generously donated at the beginning of the school year! It wasn’t until September 7th that the operator offered a cheap package with a large internet envelope: 90 GB 4G at only 8.99 Euros per month.

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The school year is about to begin, and with it will come promotional activities and good mobile plans. At present, operators are indeed scrambling to launch the most attractive offer to attract new users.After SFR’s RED and its big offer Red Or Bouygues Telecom and its special very B & You series, now it’s Free Mobile’s turn to draw a new 4G package at a low price. Without a commitment, it provides 90 GB of mobile data at a price of 8.99 Euros/month for the first year.

Why subscribe to the free mobile 90 GB package?

Currently, this free mobile offer is one of the cheapest offers on the market. Although its initial price is already 10.99 Euro/month, operators still offer it at a cheaper price of 2 Euros. However, the amount of mobile data has increased by 10 GB, so it has increased from 80 GB to 90 GB.

If you want to get a good deal, then this is a big deal you can’t miss. In addition to the ridiculous price, this 90 GB package also provides you with a comfortable Internet envelope to make the most of social networks, video streaming, and even connection sharing with friends or family.

When traveling in Europe or overseas, the package also provides a 10 GB network envelope, which you can use once at your destination. Don’t worry, this will not be deducted from the main envelope. Will be calculated separately.

Finally, subscribing to this free mobile package will enable you to enjoy unlimited communications in mainland France as well as in the European and overseas departments.

Xiaojing, the promotional price of 8.99 euros/month is valid for the first year. After this period, the offer will automatically switch to a free 5G 150 GB package for 19.99 euros per month. But, of course, you don’t have to continue to subscribe to this subscription. As the package is not binding, if you find a better offer elsewhere, it may be terminated.

You must remember

  • -Free mobile promotion is valid until September 7, 2021
    -90 GB non-binding plan, 8.99 Euro/month for the first year

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