Free Fireplace: 5 YouTube accounts to follow


Free Fireplace: 5 YouTube accounts in India that can be used to create your own content, increasing the diversity of views and subscribers. The growing recognition of the sport has seen many top Indian players enter national and global Free Fireplace competitions to reveal their skills in the sport.

Free fireplace: 5 YouTube accounts

Nobru Bruno Goes, also known as Nobru, is well known in the worldwide group Free Fireplace and the second best participant in the world. Originally from Brazil, he is the CEO of the lucrative esports workforce, Fluxo. His in-game UID is 228159683. Nobru is the title of a YouTube channel with 885 million views and 13.3 million subscribers.

TSG legend: Indian contestant Bhavesh Lakhwani identified the title of his YouTube channel for TSG Legend. He is part of the “TSG ARMY” esports workforce. His in-game ID is 1119846627. He has 1.21 million and 100 million views on YouTube. TSG shines brightly in all sports modes, whether Solo, Duo or Squad. In Season 12, he had a rating of 3354 and was within Heroic. Last 12 months TSG participated in one of the two groups invited to the Free Fireplace Asia Invitational.

white FF: White FF is a content creator for YouTube. He hails from Brazil and is well known for his headshots. His in-game UID is 43472822. His channel has garnered 2.14 million subscribers and 213 million views.

Gaming Tamizan (GT King). Below you will get his game ID and you can also test him or send him a friend request. Gaming Tamizan (GT King) is the tallest participant in the battle royale sport in India. His real title is Ravinchandra Vigneshwar and he is from Tamil Nadu. His Free Fireplace ID is 287597612. He is the king of Free Fireplace sports.

Pahadi Games: Lokesh Karakoti comes from India. He is identified as a professional Sniper in the sport. He currently participates in an esports workforce billed as the “Orangutan Elite”. The UID in Pahadi Gaming is 147098967.

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