Free COVID Tests: Here’s How You Can Get One From Government Round 3


TI have Biden administration doubled the number free rapid tests for Covid-19 antigen public.

According to information released United States Postal Service, the federal government will provide a new batch of Covid-19 kits.

“Because high-transmission Omicron sub-variants are causing an increase in cases in some parts of the country, free and affordable tests will help slow the spread of the virus,” the statement said. Biden administration said.

“Testing for COVID-19 is an important tool in helping to mitigate the spread of the virus, so maintaining in-house testing capacity is an important component The President’s National Plan for COVID-19 Preparedness.”

It’s not the first time US residents request free Covid-19 tests.

In the previous round covid-19 tests, residents ordered a maximum of four tests per household.

How to get free Covid-19 tests?

There is a government website that responded to his free testing activity. this is a website that will show you information to request multiple tests.

In recent releases, four Covid-19 tests were available per household. However, you can request eight per household.

step by step

– Access to

-Click on visitors

-You will be redirected to the US Portal Service website.

-Follow the steps

in United States Postal Service will send your order to two separate packages. Each package will have a total of four Covid-19 tests.

“Package shipping will be free, and tracking numbers will be provided when registering for test kits,” NBC said.

Tests will be available for all residential addresses In the United States.


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