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There are people who think that the quality is the same as when it was free, or that the quality is gradually lower than that, although it should come out with better quality than before if it is paid. There are some people who are wondering if they should continue using it for a fee because they feel there is a limit to what can be used, such as how to transmit highlights. However, broadcasters say they are still in a loss despite receiving broadcast fees. In particular, in the case of an important game such as the Premier League, the license fee alone exceeds 10 billion won, so even if it is paid for, it is said that the loss will continue.

 It is said that when you pay a license fee of 20,000 won per house in Korea

You have to pay more than 500,000 people to avoid loss. But in Korea, there are not that many people who like soccer. It is said that it takes an astronomical amount to receive all the matches of other league seasons or other sports because this amount of money is required to watch only one game. We watch overseas 스포츠중계 from the comfort of our own home, but from the station’s point of view, not only license fees but also server management costs, wages, etc., are considerably high. Therefore, as the days go by, more damage is accumulated, and the quality of the content is inevitably getting lower and lower.

Providing high-quality overseas sports broadcasting service

However, in the case of Runtv365, it seems to be able to escape the burden of continuing to pay. This is because you can watch overseas games as well as domestic content for free on high-definition screens. These conditions seem to actually give consumers a feeling of considerable satisfaction. This is because it is a platform that includes not only satisfactory quality of broadcast quality, but also functions to utilize various communities. Corona was the reason I became deeply interested in the field of football, and it seems to make me feel that not only me but other people are the same, so that I can have a sense of unity. It provides free high-definition broadcasts of various sports in Korea as well as abroad, so anyone can watch it freely.

Also, if you have questions or want to know while watching the broadcast

You can search for various information provided by the platform itself or find out while talking with other people in the community. In general, even if you pay, there seems to be a great sense of satisfaction that you can use various services compared to what you could not do other than simply watch the broadcast. Before watching a match, I can acquire and understand basic information about the team I am interested in, as well as check information about the opposing team.

Since it is quite difficult to search for and check these things every time, you are well aware that providing this information can save you a lot of time. It can be said that practically inconvenient things have almost disappeared as the function of text relay is used along with the black score. This is because it not only reduces the burden on consumers, but also provides higher quality services. It can be said that the biggest advantage that sets it apart from other platforms is that you can watch your favorite games as much as you want with just a few clicks when you log in. Please enjoy various services that you could not enjoy even when you paid for it on Runtv365.


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