France’s Macron Warns Elon Musk Musk That Twitter Must Comply With EU Speech Restrictions


Globalists are dismantling Western democracies from within through reckless immigration policies and concerted efforts to tear down the cornerstone of free societies, free speech. Globalists in the European Union now snarl at the prospect of Elon Musk restoring free speech on Twitter.

As Robert Spencer states:

The authoritarians are in charge now, continuing their self-appointed role as gatekeepers to what you can and can’t see and hear. Elon Musk, with his commitment to free speech, which is the foundation of any free society, has them scared and angry.

The pressure on Musk will continue to mount, as Musk will face increasing pressure to combat “disinformation.” Globalists routinely classify anything they disagree with as “disinformation” and then proceed to ruthlessly smear and attack their opponents as alleged spreaders of that misinformation. The concept of “hate speech” is equally broad and subjective, and by acting against it, the EU has failed to confront the purveyors of jihad doctrine, both online and offline.


Telsa’s CEO has vowed to follow the “Christchurch Call” to action to eliminate violent hate speech, days after videos of the Christchurch massacres were posted on Twitter.

How about setting up a Christian persecution call, or Pay For Slay call, as the death counts of Christians and Jews are constantly rising?

Days ago, the EU warned Musk that Twitter will face a ban for content moderation. If Musk does not comply with the EU’s demands, he will face the same punishments, hostility and venom that have silenced many freedom fighters who oppose Islamic supremacism and Marxist ideology.

Macron also discussed Tesla with Musk, as the two planned the commercialization of “electric vehicles and battery gigafactories.” Tesla is in the process of finding a site for its European battery gigafactory, which could leave Musk at the mercy of the EU.

“French President Macron Warns Elon Musk Twitter Must Heed EU Rules Against Lies And Hate,” By Mary Papenfuss, Huffington Post, December 3, 2022:

French President Emmanuel Macron read the riot act to Elon Musk on Friday, warning the Twitter CEO must follow European Union regulations banning disinformation and terrorist hate speech online if he plans to keep the networking platform. social networks operating on the other side of the sea.

“Transparent user policies, significant reinforcement of content moderation and protection of freedom of expression: Twitter must make efforts to comply with European regulations,” Macron said, adding that he informed Musk in a “clear and honest discussion”. .

Dramatic changes to Musk’s Twitter policy allowing disinformation and hate speech are “a big deal,” Macron said Thursday in an interview on “Good Morning America.”

“Freedom of expression and democracy are based on respect and public order. You can demonstrate, you can have freedom of expression, you can write what you want, but there are responsibilities and limits,” Macron added.

Twitter is already in trouble in Europe following Musk’s decision to allow potentially dangerous health and life-threatening COVID misinformation to spread on the platform.

European Union Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton has warned that Twitter risks serious penalties if Musk refuses to comply with requirements that the company moderate content and address misinformation. “In Europe the bird will fly by our rules,” he warned in a tweet after Musk took over Twitter…


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