France’s approval of vaccine passports complicates lives of unvaccinated

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This French National Assembly Approval to create the bill ended this Sunday Vaccination Passport, which will complicate the lives of those who are not vaccinated, as the president has proposed Emmanuel Macron.

The approval ended a two-week tense parliamentary process with 215 votes in favor and 58 against, and days of back-and-forth voting on different versions of the law in Parliament and the Senate until both chambers managed to wrap up normal text.

The government wants the law to go into effect this week in an attempt to better control the omicron variant, which has led to Over 300,000 people infected Every day for the last few days.

The text replaces the previous health passport (vaccine or negative test) with a vaccine-only health passport, which means those who refuse the coronavirus vaccine their access will be restricted A series of important social activities.

Only those who have had a full three-dose vaccination schedule, or two doses of the vaccine in the past six months and have been certified to cure the disease, or have Medical Waiver After being vaccinated, they will be able to enter cultural venues such as cinemas, theatres or museums.

Entrance to large shopping malls as well as entrances to cafes, bars and restaurants and in use public transport Medium and long distance.

Penalties have also increased for those with fake vaccine passports, who could face maximum sentences Five years in prison and 75,000 euros Good for those with several fake documents.

Anti-vaccine protests in Paris.


Parliamentary and social debate becomes sparse until it reaches a real level political storm This comes after Macron said earlier this month that he wanted to “annoy” or “fuck” unvaccinated people.

According to official data, some 4.9 million vaccinated French refuse protection, accounting for 7.3% of the national population.

Meanwhile, 31.6 million third dose Managed, please indicate the latest data from the Ministry of Health.

Holder’s current health passport only two doses They expire seven months after the second dose, unless the person had the disease within the first six months.


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