France wins and convinces


France won 4-1 at Australia and it filled in at the start. If it is true that the duel against the Australians did not start as expected by the champion, since they conceded a goal before the 10th minute of the match, they reacted quickly to end up winning and convincing with the goals of giroudtwice, mbappe Yes Rabiotthe best of the party.

The time of the champion has arrived and it is always important. After the world’s first crash of Argentina in front of Saudi Arabiait was time to see what he was doing France, another of the big favorites for the title. And the match does not start as planned. The 10th minute of mourning had not yet passed when Australia He rang the surprise bell to open the scoring. Craig Good Win He came in unmarked through the far post and finished off a ball that ended up kissing the nets of shout. In this same room, Lucas Hernández He had to give up due to injury. The Ohis brother, entered in his place.

Overcome by the setback, France began to fuel and put in its domain to Australia. Which ended up becoming goals. The first of Rabiot after finishing a big cross with a header The O. And the second, that of the return, after the Juventus midfielder stole and gave up so that giroud marked, placing the world champion in front. Before the break, Kylian had the third, but sent the ball high and Australia the tie with an Irvine header that crashed into the post.

The second half was a French monologue. The France team became master of the match to end up widening the gap. The occasions followed one another, each time they combined more with mbappe and in the end it was Kylian the one who scored the third after having managed a very good cross from dembélé.

already with Australia very physically affected, France finished the job in a big way. A help from mbappe conceded the second goal Girourdwhich with this objective is equivalent to the 51 of Henry. This is how the champion won and convinced

This is how France played

The world champion jumped up the court well, dominating and creating chances, but quickly took a slap from which she was able to recover. After the first goal Australia, France came back to take control of the match to end up coming back quite easily. While it is true that he has to adapt in defense, he has a lot of gunpowder up front and has already submitted a candidacy.

France celebrate a goal against Australia. (AFP)

This is how Australia played

The Australian team knew the feat was complicated, but they didn’t back down. He came out brave and serious in defense. He even had time to dream. But as the minutes passed, the world champion beat and locked her up. His shortcomings became visible in the second half, when his physique was scarce, but he showed he could compete.

Australia, in a duel against France. (AFP)

MVP: Rabiot

The Juventus player made the difference in a French midfield under surveillance after the absence of Pogba and Kanté due to injury. Rabiot scored the first goal and gave the second to Giroud. When it was most needed, he appeared to calm down the world champion.

Rabiot celebrates a goal against Australia. (AFP)


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