France to welcome 234 migrants from Viking of the Seas and attack Italy


Italian Minister of the Interior, Matthew Piandossicross out French response ‘incomprehensible’who warned that the refusal of migrants from Italy “will have consequences” after the decision to house 234 migrants rescued by humanitarian boats in the central Mediterraneansea ​​vikings“.

“When Italy accepted 90,000 migrants this year alone, France’s response to the request to take in 234 migrants is completely incomprehensible, given the constant calls for solidarity. But it also shows how Unwavering is the position of other countries Against illegal immigration,” Piandossi said in a statement.

besides interior minister He added: “What we don’t understand is why Italy should be willing to accept what others don’t.”

[El Gobierno de Meloni niega la entrada de los barcos de las ONG y deja varados a 1.000 migrantes]

“Europe’s solidarity is touted, but so far Italy has faced this problem alone and our reception system is in a desperate situation,” added the minister, who warned “Italy Solutions that will not support an insufficient European convention balanced between measures solidarity and responsibility“.

He also added that “the country that comes in first cannot take responsibility for managing the flow of funds alone” and that “the most serious solution is to work together to stop the flow of funds”.North Africa”.

Immigrants within the Sea Vikings.

SOS Mediterranean

“Almost 90,000 people have landed this year. 13 European countries have committed to relocate around 8,000 people, less than one in ten. A total of 117 people have been relocated so far (0.13% of arrivals),” Piandossi explained. , of which 38 (0.04%) were in France”.

“In the face of these absolutely inappropriate evictions, they want to impose the following principles: Italy is the only port possible scale Illegal immigrantwhich has resulted in a revenue stream that has grown substantially over the past three years.”

Tajani also criticizes France

Antonio Tajanithe foreign minister also spoke in the Netherlands, where he was on an official visit, and described the French response as “disproportionate“.

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin described it as “unacceptable‘Giorgia Meloni’s position as executive, although he has announced’sea ​​vikingswill be able to dock in ToulonMigrants will receive “health and medical assistance” given that the evacuation of several people with ill health has already been necessary.

Dalmanin warned that “there will be consequences very strong in bilateral relations” and Italy’s European Union.

France to tighten border controls with Italy ‘with immediate effect’ Suspend agreement with Italy Relocation established at European level for the distribution of migrants rescued by humanitarian boats.

Viking of the Seas to go to Toulon

therefore Shipping from Italy to France is not valid 3,500 immigrants expected between now and next summer Damaninwho, on behalf of France, asked other signatories to the agreement to do the same, starting with Germany.

This sea ​​vikings, This morning on the Corsican coast awaiting French or Italian authorization to dock at the port, which will eventually head to Toulon, where they will land tomorrow Migrants on board (four had been evacuated by helicopter this morning for health reasons).

Italian Government and NGOs

Georgia MelloniHe has Italy’s tough policy on NGOsit accused of facilitating flows from Africa and issued a decree that only the most vulnerable would be allowed to land on its territory, while the rest had to stay inside before returning to international waters.

A few days ago this happened at first only most vulnerable migrants 572 people on board MSF Geo Barents and Humanity 1 179. Although all rescued were able to go ashore after two days.



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