France to remove face masks in establishments requiring Covid passports


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The French government announced on Friday that since February 28 This Masks will no longer be mandatory indoors those who need Covid vaccination passport Enter.

in those places Do not ask for this certificateand in transportationmask will continue to be mandatorythe Ministry of Health said in a statement.

Last On February 2, masks are no longer required outdoors in the country, but French health authorities continue to recommend its use when crowds are concentrated.

Change the agreement in Contacts

The protocols required for coronavirus contact cases have also been relaxed. Instead of the current three tests, the first day, the second day, the fourth day, Just do a test, Whether it is antigen detection or PCR, the next day Know that you have been in contact with an infected person.

Therefore, due to improved health, the executive branch followed the recommendations of the High Commission for Public Health.

According to the covidtracker website, the average dates back to February 7, with some 207,431 daily positives, a 34% decrease Daily admissions to intensive care units fell by 6 per cent in the week to Thursday compared to the previous week.

The improved situation has also made it possible to lift some restrictions in schools.

no mask at rest

Beginning with holiday recovery from February 21-28 or March 7, depending on the region, Primary school pupils will no longer need to wear masks in yards during rest.

If a student is a contact case, the number of tests that must be done will also be reduced from three to one, and children can exercise indoors without a mask, except for contact sports.

As the education secretary pointed out to the press, with these changes, Jean-Michel Blancel, Seek greater “coherence” between restrictions imposed on ordinary people and students.


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