France: Seven Muslims Arrested for Planning a Jihadist Massacre, Two of Them Had Recently Entered the Country


They are not dangerous, they are in danger! Refugees welcome! Celebrate diversity!

“Strasbourg: two radicalized young men, suspected of preparing a violent action, accused”, translated from “Strasbourg: two radicalized young men, suspected of preparing a violent action, accused”, by Blandine Costentin, France Bleu, December 8, 2022 (thank you to Medforth):

Seven people were arrested on November 18 in Strasbourg by the DGSI. Two of them were prosecuted and imprisoned for criminal terrorist conspiracy, although there is nothing to show that an attack was imminent. The other five men were released.

The General Directorate of Internal Security (DGSI) arrested seven radicalized youths in Strasbourg suspected of preparing violent actions in France. The arrest took place on Friday, November 18, as revealed by Franceinfo this Thursday.

Two of them were prosecuted for terrorist criminal association and in pretrial detention. The other five were released. The two defendants recently entered the national territory, according to a source close to the investigation joined by franceinfo. They are of Russian and Tajik nationality.

According to this same source, no specific element has made it possible to start the execution of his project of violent action.

This arrest came a week before the opening of the Strasbourg Christmas market, which traditionally attracts 2 million visitors. A Christmas market afflicted by a terrorist attack on December 11, 2018. A shooter, Cherif Chekatt, opened fire on passersby, killing five people and wounding 11 others.

In 2000, this time an attack was foiled: four men were arrested in Frankfurt, Germany. They planned to attack the cathedral and the Strasbourg Christmas market under the aegis of Al Qaeda.


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