France: Muslim Bus Driver Plays Quranic Verses Over Loudspeaker On Bus Throughout 40-Minute Journey


This is what “diversity” looks like in practice: the supremacy of Islam, whether you like it or not.

“A Bus Driver Imposes Quranic Verses on Passengers Between Aix and Marseille,” translated from “A Bus Driver Imposes Quranic Verses on Passengers Between Aix and Marseille,” France Bleu, November 22, 2022 (thanks to Medforth ):

On Sunday morning, passengers on the Aix-Marseille ferry listened to verses from the Koran broadcast by a driver. The Aix-Marseille Metropolis is conducting the investigation.

Sunday morning, line 50, Aix-en-Provence bus station. The Aix-Marseille shuttle, the most used, from 10,000 to 15,000 passengers every weekday. We get on the bus, late in the morning, and we listen on the loudspeakers, from the first to the last row, a psalmody in Arabic. The sound volume is high. One of the passengers challenges the young driver: “You don’t have to inflict that on us!” Another in the back of the bus, an Algerian: “You do not respect secularism, you have no right!”

Two passengers tried to stop the transmission before departure

The driver’s reaction is scathing, without the slightest hesitation: “It’s my bus! I do what I want. If you’re not happy, you get off.” A version confirmed by a passenger. Almost no protest among the fifty passengers. No one dares to speak directly to the driver. The retired Algerian tries again out loud: “These are verses, it is religious.” And he harangues the other passengers: “Does anyone bother because of secularism?” Silence. No one questions the driver… who starts. An old woman reassures her husband by telling him not to react: “We are in his hands.” She understands: “He is the one who drives.” No choice. The husband suffers: “Above all we are between his ears.”

prayers along the way

The prayer continues until the San Carlos station, the only soundtrack of the bus. In total, almost 40 minutes. More than a nuisance. The passenger we were able to contact could not get over it: “I find it very shocking. Secularism is a very important thing. And it lasted the whole trip, until the Marseille station”. Upon his arrival, the Algerian passenger who had most opposed the broadcast expressed his shock: “It reminds me of Algeria, with the FIS. The Islamists, they played that on the buses. Today it is prohibited in Algeria! And I hear that here! Its the first time. It’s catastrophic! We have to react.” And he concludes: “This young man, when he does that, he will take Rassemblement National to the top!”

Disciplinary procedure started

Not all of the passengers took a video of the announcer of the religious messages, but some did film it. France Bleu Provence has obtained an unequivocal video testifying to the incident. And the analysis of an extract leaves no room for doubt. This is a surah from the Qur’an.
Alerted, the transport authority, RDT 13, leads the investigation. The driver has been identified. He is not an agent of the metropolis, but a young recruit for a subcontractor. The defendant was quoted by his employer and gives a completely different version of the facts. According to Paul Sillou, general manager of RDT 13, a guest in France Bleu Provence, the driver assured that he did not transmit these verses in the bus enclosure, but only on his phone.

According to Aix-Marseille Metropolis, the incident is unprecedented. Remember this principle: any religious manifestation on public transport is “very serious and unacceptable”, and the internal regulations prohibit it. The general director of RDT 13 assures him: “We are in the process of collecting elements in the framework of a disciplinary procedure that concerns him.” The Aix-Marseille ferry carries three million passengers a year.


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