France investigates networks that distribute fake Covid passports: thousands have been found


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Faced with more and more local requirements for Covid passports, this type of document began to appear Incorrect. This problem has already occurred in France. French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced that there are currently about 400 public investigations targeting networks that distribute false vaccination certificates.

The purpose of the French police is to dismantle these “networks” after they occur. “several thousand” The French authorities have found a false vaccination certificate, the minister confirmed. “Unfortunately, some of these cases are related to health personnel,” he added.

Darmanin said in an interview with the RTL TV channel that some of these networks have been “detained.”minister No more details providedHe did not have the exact number of arrests, nor did he specify the behind-the-scenes, but he recalled the “extremely severe” punishment for this crime: the organizers of these networks can be sentenced to up to five years in prison.

In France, everyone must have a health pass Over 12 years exist arriveTwo leisure and cultural venues (bars, restaurants, shopping centers), in Collective transportation (long-distance bus, train, plane), in Hospitals and nursing homes. A negative 24-hour antigen or PCR test can also visit these sites.

1000 Euro passport

At the end of November, a doctor from the Paris area was accused of selling at least 220 fake Covid passports. He was charged with fraud and fraud. He is in a makeshift prison.

Dozens of people bought false documents from him and were fined ranging from 800 and 1,500 Euros, approximately the price of the document: the doctor pays approximately 1,000 EUR.

This is not the only case of false health certificates that have occurred across the country. This Friday, a 57-year-old woman holding a fake Covid passport died of Covid-19. The woman was admitted to the hospital due to severe symptoms. He claimed to have been vaccinated and presented a health pass.

Finally he died. Her husband admitted that he did not actually receive any doses. This lady bought a fake document.The husband was vaccinated, but he “difficult to convince” his wife, he expressed regret in the collected statements Agence France-Presse.

Current situation in France

Like all of Europe, France is in the midst of a major infectious disease boom before Christmas.The incidence rate per 100,000 residents in the past 14 days 875 points, According to the latest data from the French Ministry of Health. Last Thursday, 54,136 cases were reported. The average daily number of infections in the past 7 days was 48,064.

Last Monday, French Prime Minister Jean Castex (Jean Castex) at a press conference on Covid.

Last Monday, French Prime Minister Jean Castex (Jean Castex) at a press conference on Covid.


The average number of deaths reported last week was 128 deathsThe increase in infections is increasing the number of hospitalizations and deaths, but the magnitude is smaller than in previous waves. On October 30, 2020, the average number of infections in the past 7 days was 47,776, which is almost the same as the current number. However, the average number of deaths reported every day is 294. According to official data, this is more than twice the current level of similar infections.

France in 88.6% of the population Children over 12 years of age are vaccinated with a complete program, similar to Spain, which has 89.5% of the immunized target population. The executive officer of Emmanuel Macron insists that his population has not yet been vaccinated for vaccination, and that the population over 60 years old needs to be strengthened “puncture.”

In view of the current wave of cases, the government decided to close the nightclub this Friday. This measure will be maintained at least until January 6 next year. If possible, the authorities also recommend telecommuting two to three days a week, and minimizing personal meetings as much as possible.


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