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The French foreign ministry said on Friday (December 3) that France had evacuated 258 Afghans from Kabul to Doha, Qatar.It’s about people “Especially because of their commitments, especially journalists, or their connections with France, including former civilian local recruiters in our military (PCRL), who are threatened.”A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.They will be sent back to France soon

Eleven French and 60 Dutch and their families were also evacuated by charter flights from Paris. “Since September 10, 110 French and their families and 396 protected Afghans have been evacuated via 10 different flights organized by Qatar”, Supplementary press release, thanks “strong” The Emirates “provided decisive assistance in planning and executing these complex operations.”

Medical equipment and food delivered to Kabul

Since Kabul fell into the hands of the Taliban and the Americans left in August, many countries have evacuated their nationals and Afghans who have been threatened in recent years for serving foreign interests.

For many years, the fate of French army employees during their operations in the country has been the subject of many controversies. Some voices accused France of failing to perform its protection duties because of its unwillingness to issue visas to them. From 2001 to 2014, 770 local recruited civilians (PCRL) worked with the French army as translators, drivers or domestic workers in Afghanistan.

In addition, in a joint statement with the Doha authorities, Paris announced that it had sent some “Providing 40 tons of medical equipment, food and winter supplies for international organizations in Afghanistan”.

The French aid mainly includes medical equipment used in the Institute of Maternal and Child Medicine in Kabul, transported to Afghanistan by military aircraft provided by Qatar.

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