France closes borders to British tourists after registering records of new coronavirus infections


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France protects itself from omicron expansion and increased infection Covid, more than 63,000 per day.On Thursday, the French government will announce the tightening of entry conditions for all British travelers who have registered on Wednesday. Infection record Throughout the pandemic 78,610 cases were processed in just 24 hours.

France Will close the border to British tourists, Regardless of whether they have been vaccinated against Covid. so, Travel will be banned, Released this Thursday BFMTV channel, Only those who have a compelling reason, such as travel for work, family or medical reasons, can enter France. The measure will take effect this Saturday, the week before Christmas.

These passengers must undergo the following tests Antigen was detected 24 hours ago or PCR result was negative During the trip, whether you have been vaccinated against the coronavirus or not.

However, the French government will Except for French citizens and their families Who lives in the UK and wants to return to France.These citizens will be forced to stay isolate Upon arrival, a negative test was obtained within 48 hours after setting foot on French soil.

Record in the UK

UK notice this Wednesday 78,610 new infections This To date, the maximum daily number of infections registered during the entire pandemic is higher than the 68,053 infections on January 8.

Chris Whitty, a medical adviser to the British government, warned on Wednesday that he expects the number of hospitalizations to increase “substantially” due to the expansion of the omicron variant of the coronavirus.

In the past 7 days The number of infections increased by 19.1% Throughout the country and Hospitalized 10.4%, And the number of deaths due to Covid dropped by 5% during this period.

Whitty said at a press conference with the British Prime Minister: “More and more omicron patients will enter the healthcare system, going to hospitals and intensive care units. The specific ratio is not yet clear, but the number will be substantial.” Boris Johnson.

Johnson approved this week Return the mask indoors And the Covid passport of the nightclub, But it did not establish other social restrictions or require restrictions on contact like the Scottish Autonomous Government did, even though the infection data has been triggered for several weeks.


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