Fran Rivera, shielding his brothers and delivering to those most in need


The city of Madrid has hosted the celebration of the solidarity dinner for bullfighters to benefit the New Future Associationand which has not been lacking Francisco Rivera. The bullfighter has not hesitated to kindly attend to journalists. “We come to collaborate. Nuevo Futuro does an amazing job. They have floors supervised by kids who have suffered thousands of types of atrocities and savagery, that the Government takes away from their parents and Nuevo Futuro gives them a home. They are flats from six to twelve kids and there they take care of them, they give them love, childhood, education and they live in a family environment, in a protected environment and the truth is that it is an incredible job, “said the bullfighter.

Francisco Rivera in an act of Nuevo Futuro. /Gtres

Francisco Rivera has been collaborating with the association for more than a decade and considers it important to learn about the work carried out by the organization: «I encourage everyone to learn about the work of Nuevo Futuro. In life you have to be grateful, I consider that I have been very lucky and the best way is to help those who need it and Nuevo Futuro is a cause that is very worthwhile », he declared.

Francisco Rivera in an act of Nuevo Futuro. /Gtres

The bullfighter He has preferred not to comment on personal issues: “I remember my childhood very well, wonderful, but today we are not here to talk about me, or anyone of mine,” he said. In recent times, his two brothers have been in the spotlight today. On the one hand, his brother Kiko suffered a stroke a few weeks ago that caused great concern and from which, fortunately, he is already recovering. To this we must add that his brother Cayetano Rivera has also made headlines following the news of his separation from the model eva gonzalezon which none of the protagonists has spoken for the moment, but they prefer to remain silent.

Francisco Rivera
Francisco Rivera with his daughter Tana in Madrid. /Gtres

Given the recent news of the upcoming maternity daughter of spartacus, Francisco has said that he did not know and that, therefore, he has not been able to congratulate him. The bullfighter has commented that this is something that he, in his case, still sees as far away: “what a feeling of a grandfather, I don’t even want to think about it”, he said.

Francisco Rivera with his musical group in a performance in Madrid. /Gtres

It has been a night in which emotions have not been lacking. The bullfighter has been in charge of the charity raffle that has been held during the evening, in which he has wasted sympathy. In addition, the dinner has closed with a performance by one and we go, the group of friends of the bullfighter. The right-hander’s daughter, Tana, has not hesitated to go out at the foot of the stage and dance to the sound of her father, starring in one of the funniest moments of the night.


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