Four U.S. Marines killed in explosion at Kabul Airport

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Four U.S. Marines Died of an attack According to several U.S. media citing official sources, at least three people were injured at Kabul Airport on Thursday.this Pentagon The deaths of several soldiers have been confirmed, but no exact figures have been given.

One of the explosions occurred in one of them Kabul Airport Gate, While the other was “in or near” the Baron Hotel near the airport, where thousands of people crowded there trying to leave the country on an international evacuation flight before the August 31 deadline.

The U.S. government has warned in recent days that it is possible “Very real” A terrorist attack occurred near the airport in Afghanistan.

In fact, this Wednesday U.S. Embassy In Afghanistan, it issued a notice to warn Americans not to approach Kabul Airport because of “security threats” outside the passages of these facilities.

Currently, Biden is Crisis room According to local media reports, the White House (the situation room) closely followed what happened in Kabul, where there were American victims, as well as the US Secretary of State Anthony Brinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby and US President Joe Biden are expected to appear in the White House in the next few hours.


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