Former US prisoner in Russia Trevor Reid predicts the future of Britney Griner: What awaits the WNBA player in prison?

Britney Griner a sentence of nine years in prison for possession of cannabis oil in Russia made headlines around the world this week.

But the WNBA star isn’t the first American to get into trouble in Russia. Trevor Reed found himself in a similar position in the past.

reed was released earlier this year after being imprisoned in Russia for nearly three years, and he gave his two cents on the situation Griner you have been entered.

“No matter how you feel about Britney GrinerIn this case, this verdict is clearly political”, reed told CNN.

“That cannot be denied.”

Reed has experience in Russian prisons

former US Marine reed was arrested in Russia back in 2019 and accused of “endangering the life and health” of police officers during a scuffle. He always denied the accused.

Brittney Griner says she didn’t mean to break the lawAP

“He was also sentenced to nine years in prison, but was released this year in a prisoner exchange and returned to the United States in April.

“After you are convicted in a Russian court, you have the opportunity to appeal and challenge this decision in another kangaroo court in Moscow,” reed explained.

“So after that trial, you know, depending on Britneydeciding whether she wants to appeal or not, she can remain in Moscow in the pre-trial detention center she is already in until her appeals are completed.

“Or, if she decides not to appeal, she may be transferred to a forced labor camp.

“Given the fact that the Russian government is considering exchanging her, they may also decide to keep her in Moscow to facilitate her return to the United States.”

The United States is interested in organizing a prisoner exchange, which Paul Whelan as well as Griner returned and convicted Russian arms dealer Victor Bout sent in the opposite direction.


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