Former pornographic actress Lana Rhodes claims she is asexual and believes adult films should be banned.

lana rhodes is one of the hottest names in the adult film industry, even now in 2022, and the actress is once again at the center of controversy.

This time, she raised her eyebrows with a revelation about her sexuality, as well as her opinion about the porn industry.

“I don’t even like having sex” Rhodes told Skinny Confidential. “Honestly, I’m pretty asexual.

“I never date people, I don’t find people attractive… I’ve always been that way.”

Lana Rhodes says porn should be illegal

“I don’t think it’s good for anyone” Rhodes said about the adult film industry.

“They should make it illegal.”

Rhodes – one of the most popular names in porn, which she herself does not understand.

“I think I’m still #1 everywhere” Rhodes goodbye “It’s crazy to make a decision at 19 and become the biggest star in the world with no intention of doing so.

“Also, back then I was only intimate with one person, so I was very inexperienced sexually.

“This is a life sentence. I can’t hide from it, and wherever I go, someone has seen my films. I have to deal with this.”


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