Former NFL player Aldon Smith arrested for personal injury in two-car accident


The’s a former NFL quarterback Aldon Smith was arrested Monday on felony charges related to causing DUI injury, TMZ Sports reported.

Smith’s pledge is set at USD 50,000

32-year-old player who played for San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys, is still in custody and is due to appear in court on Wednesday.

What happened?

According to police documents obtained by TMZ Sports, Smith was involved in accident with two cars at 2:17 pm in San Mateo County. According to the report, someone was hurt slight injury in a plane crash, and Smith was arrested at the scene.

Smith’s legal history includes multiple DUI arrests as well as charges of domestic violence in 2018.

He missed four full seasons before returning to Nfl 16 games will start in 2020 for Cowboys

In April, former NFL defenders were assaulted in a second degree after allegedly choke someone unconscious in an altercation that began at a cafe in Chalmet, Louisiana.

Aldon Smith’s problems

49ers picked ex University of Missouri Star with number 7 in the overall ranking 2011 NFL Draft

I played for four years in San Francisco and was released before the 2015 season after the DUI in August of that year.

V Raiders picked up Smith, which was suspended for one year in November 2015. He was then suspended for another two years before the Raiders released him in 2018 on domestic violence charges.

Smith came in honestly and said he “got better overall” in an interview with TMZ Sports. He eventually signed a contract with Dallas cowboys for season 20.

He later signed a contract with Seahawks in 2021, although it was cut prior to the start of the season.

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