Former Manchester United stars draw criticism on players while Solskjaer clings to


Mpressure on Manchester United rests on the shoulders of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer this week, when the club suffered a historic 5-0 home defeat to major rivals, Liverpoolbut the former players have directed their criticism towards the players as the Norwegian clings to his job.

It is clear that Solskjaer got the opportunity to play three matches to save his job. Manchester United hierarchy, amid speculation that players are openly unsure of his tactical acumen in the future.

Although there is a clear tactical lack of evidence against Jürgen Kloppaccusations on Sunday, it is believed that the lack of effort on the part of some players plays a bigger role in the team’s struggle than SolskjaerCoaching, because over the past two seasons, this team finished third and second.

Wayne Rooney wants accountability

For all his mistakes out of bounds, Wayne Rooneyefforts in Manchester United There was never any question, and the current Derby County coach has called on senior Old Trafford players to show some responsibility.

“Players should ask themselves questions and look at themselves.” Rooney explained at his pre-match press conference.

“It’s too easy for a manager to grab a stick when these players are paid a lot of money to get the job done, and I don’t think they do it well enough.

“There are high demands in this club, high pressure, and I see too many players not wanting to retreat, not wanting to defend, not wanting to put everything on the line, and this is not acceptable.”

Gary Neville believes the players have surrendered against Liverpool

The way the United defender against Liverpool was a matter of serious concern, as the former defender made clear: Gary Neville

“They were destroyed, it was unacceptable” – Neville said Sky Sports.

“As soon as they faced a good team, they were torn to shreds, it’s kind of bad, they surrendered.

“These players are here, I am asking some serious questions, they are easy to play with, they are lagging behind, but that is not enough.”

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