Former employee says Camilla Parker Bowles is the ‘real boss’ in the UK


TThe British public has just come to terms with death Queen Elizabeth IIfurther changes are coming in the country with the impending coronation King Charles IIIalthough a former employee testified that Camilla Parker Bowles become the real power in the UK.

King Charles III experienced a turbulent life in terms of his relationships, with his first marriage to Diana Spencer shattered in a crash.

On the Dianadeath, Charles remained single for many years, until finally he resumed his long affair with Stretcher in the mid 2000s.

In her new official title of queen consort Stretcher will be regularly present next to her husband, although it is assumed that she has a huge influence on the new king.

“She’s the real boss,” he explained. Julian Payneformer public relations secretary Charles IIIin an interview with The Times.

“I was told that I would not be hired without her approval.

“She fully respects the role and the institution, she stands firm on her feet.”

This is Simon Dorante-Day, alleged illegitimate son of King Charles III and Camilla Parker.

Payne made it clear that both Charles as well as Stretcher I knew that one day they would ascend the throne, this was not a position that they were actively looking for and looking forward to.

“They just felt that if it was meant to be, it would happen,” he continued.

“It was never a role they actively fought for.

“Their marriages deserve the respect and affection of the nation.”


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