Former CIA chief warns Putin if he uses nukes: ‘We will destroy his troops and fleet. Everything’


After countless challenges from Vladimir Putin Russian submarine “K-329 Belgorod”, nuclear missile delivery vehicle Poseidonalso known as “Apocalypse Weapon”, The Pentagon is already studying the U.S. response.

As the former director of the CIA revealed, David Peterous United States and its allies They will destroy all their troops and Russian military equipment in Ukraine. return, will sink, “to the last ship”, the Russian fleet in the Black Sea, Considered the jewel in Putin’s navy’s crown.

Petraeus, a retired four-star Army general, explained in an interview with ABC News Article 5 of the Atlantic Alliance will not be activated if Russia uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine Because this would not be an attack on one of its members, because Ukraine is not part of NATO. Still, Petraeus promised “a response from the United States and NATO.”

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nuclear radiation

At this point, the former director of NATO has admitted that if nuclear radiation to its territory. “This could be considered an attack on NATO members, yes,” he said.

Petraeus, who has yet to speak with the U.S. national security adviser, Jack Sullivan Russia has been warned “rwe will answer lead collective efforts NATO This would wipe out all the regular Russian forces we can see and identify on the battlefields of Ukraine and Crimea, and every single one of their ships in the Black Sea. “

The former CIA director has been outspoken about whether Russia has a chance at winning the war. “No. There’s nothing Putin can do right now,” Say. In this sentence, he argued that “the battlefield reality facing Russia is irreversible” and that Moscow is “desperate.” “Russian mobilization chaos But its annexation and nuclear threat could save the country from this exceptional situation,” he added.

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“But for Russia and Putin, things are still going to get worse. Using nuclear weapons on the battlefield won’t change that at all. Still, You have to take threats seriously. “has been recognized.

“Ukraine is doing better than Russia”

When asked about Ukraine’s tactical capabilities, Petraeus praised the progress and said “Zelensky” Mobilization with Ukraine is much better than with Russia”. In his opinion, “Ukraine recruits, trains, equips, organizes and uses better troops than Russia.”

The former CIA chief’s warnings echo those of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who made it clear to Vladimir Putin on Sunday that if NATO critical infrastructure is compromised A deliberate attack would provide a “firm and united” response, with assurances that any nuclear action would have “serious consequences”.

“Weapon of the Apocalypse”

On Sunday, NATO warned that a Russian submarine carrying nuclear torpedoes would be mobilized.

According to the same report, the K-329 is in the waters of the Arctic Ocean, and NATO is concerned that it is preparing First test of any of the six Poseidon torpedoes It is capable of being carried in its bow chamber. That’s it, this projectile is one of the most advanced of its kind, with a radioactive payload that can travel over 10,000 kilometers.

This new power increased nuclear threat Putin has been making announcements in recent days.atlantic alliance intelligence report Details of Belgorod’s latest initiativeswhich began operations last July, while some unofficial sources point to him being responsible for the damage to the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

Belgorod has a length of 184 meters and a diameter of 15 meters, the displacement at the time of submersion up to 30,000 tons. It has a pair of nuclear reactors that provide 190 megawatts of power on both shafts and allow it to reach about 59 km/h on the ground.

bring one Propeller autonomy unlimited, with an estimated crew of 110 people, the lifespan on board could be extended by 120 days. Some estimates put the immersion capacity at a depth of about 500 or 520 meters.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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